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The Iran blame game

The bombings yesterday in the Iranian oil city of Ahvaz in the southern region near the Iraqi border, and a previous similar explosions in that
city are blamed by Iran on the British soldiers stationed in Basra. Followed a few days earlier by British blunt hints that Iran is supplying
the Iraqi insurgents with military technology that claimed the lives of several British soldiers last October.

The recent explosions and the one yesterday occurred near an Iranian Government building in Ahvaz on the same day of a planned visit of the Iranian president, rumors are that the president’s visit was cancelled following intelligence information of some planned action during the visit.

This time the Iranian foreign minister hinted that the people involved “have taken pictures with British officials in London, while enjoying
the intelligence facilities and support of the British military commander in Basra” his words. The British denied any involvement whatsoever,
and called the accusations ludicrous.

Iran became increasingly edgy recently as the American and the European countries seek to bring the Iranian nuclear program to the UN Security Council, after months of negotiations between Iran and the I.A.E.A and Iran’s recent restart of its nuclear “research”. Adding to Iran’s nervousness is the recent Israeli clear hints that Israel will not tolerate a situation in which Iran will possess nuclear capability, and is prepared to take military action to stop it.

Recently the Iranian negotiators changed their tactics and said they view the Russian compromise “positively” after rejecting it previously, but more time is needed to discuss the plan of enriching uranium in Russia. The British however see the Iranian move as an attempt to play for time and avoid the security council anticipated debate.

The Iranian nuclear program would have been dealt with long ago if not for the Russians who built the Iranian nuclear project, earning billions of dollars, and the Chinese thirst for Iranian oil at almost any cost, both preventing any serious action to stop Iran.


  1. It`s about time that the Coalition stopped letting Iran assist the insurgency. The whole problem in Iraq has been that Syria and Iran have been giving aid and comfort to the insurgents, while the Coalition has been unwilling to deal with them until the situation in Iraq is stable. How can it become stable when the terrorists need merely cross the border to safety and to resupply?

    Perhaps these bombs are hitting nuclear targets? I certainly hope so!

  2. Iran as usual carries on with its subversive
    activities of supporting terrorists in the middle east including Iraq,and playing for time for her nuclear aspirations.

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