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Schulz on Hamas, flinching, Buchanan probation and the Marshall Plan

By Denis Schulz

“Everybody is saying exactly the same thing,” said U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, “There has got to be a peaceful road ahead. You cannot be on the one hand dedicated to peace and on the other dedicated to violence. Those two things are irreconcilable.” That makes sense. The U.S. will not send taxpayers’ money to Hamas.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said “continued cooperation (with the Palestinian Authority) will only be possible under three conditions: Hamas needs to recognize the existence of Israel; Hamas has to prove that the use of violence is out of the question, and Hamas needs to respect and accept steps in the peace process reached so far.” It’s the same thing here. Germany will not aid or abet Hamas.

French Foreign Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, said, “I say to Hamas: meet your responsibilities, choose dialogue and not violence. Hamas must recognize the Oslo accords.” That makes it a threesome. French francs will not be making their way to Hamas.

Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General, said, “If Hamas transforms itself from an armed movement into a political party respecting the rules of the game. I think the international community should be able to work with them.” Ah, yes, the ring is closing around Hamas. No aid in this direction either.

Javier Solana, foreign policy boss of the European Union, said, “All the ideas we have put on the table have been around for a long time, so I think it’s reasonable to put these ideas and sentiments from the international community publicly so (Hamas) understands very well the position we have.” Once again no aid for Hamas!

And the list goes on-England, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, even the fatally dhimmified Belgium found enough temporary spine to speak up. Yes, Hamas has been put on notice-stop with the suicide bomber stuff or Gordias will tie a knot in the purse strings and there will be no money for RPGs and state-of-the-art suicide bomber belts. The poor wretches will have to go to Saudi Barbaria or Iran and beg for what they can get or ask Red China for a loan. A fine state of affairs for Allah’s chosen.

For once, the West stands united, like the old New York Yankees coming from behind in the seventh game of the World Series. Incredible! Fantastic! It sounds too good to be true. How long can this unbridled optimism last?

Remember, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link and there are links in this chain that have more brass in them than steel. Someone could take fright, change his mind, break under stress, give up, grab a life preserve and leap into the Sea of Dhimmitude. They are taking bets in Las Vegas. Who will be the first to fold? Belgium? Spain? How long will it be before Uncle Sam and the Texas Gunslinger are standing alone?

And some Americans are still supporting Hamas, Woody Harrelson and Sean Penn of the Hollyweird crowd; intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill, and organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Is anybody flinching? Look for signs of strain: sweaty brows, trembling knees, blinking eyes, twitching lips, excessive swallowing. See any? Oh, yes. Belgium will certainly cave, that’s a given. It’s not a real country. It’s the European Union’s back forty, maybe a lot more people than cows but that’s not an advantage. A couple of years ago Belgium decided to arrest General Tommy Franks for war crimes. It didn’t work. Some prankster started a rumor that George S. Patton was madder than hell and was coming to Brussels and they all went into hiding. The response would have been the same if it had been Rooster Cogburn.

Spain won’t last six months; Sweden will fall in three. Poor Sweden, the last time they showed any fight at all was when Ingemar Johansson knocked Floyd Patterson on his butt in1959. That was 47 years ago!

Pat Buchanan - Hamas on ProbationHamas has some strange friends, none stranger than Patrick J. Buchanan, columnist, isolationist, and former U.S. Presidential candidate. In a recent column, Buchanan suggested that Hamas be put on probation. “It is not in our interests (to end all ties to the Palestinian Authority),” opined Buchanan, “It is not even in Israel’s interest. For it has been Israel’s behavior and uncritical US support for that behavior that produced this victory for Hamas. To continue on that road is to arrive at, literally, a dead end.”

Buchanan proposes putting Hamas on probation for a year, give them a little time to get used to exercising real power. If the Sioux had been put on probation after the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse would still be alive today and people would be buying Sioux blankets instead of Navajo blankets. A little patience, that’s all that is needed.

But what if it doesn’t work? How many suicide bombers and missiles can Hamas send into Israel in one year? How many schools can they build in 12 months? How many weapons can they stockpile in 52 weeks? How many deals can they make with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in 365 days? What would be an acceptable number of civilian casualties? A hundred? A thousand? Remember, these rascals will be on probation, there will be deaths, killings, people will be maimed. Or will they call it collateral damage and let it go at that?

This is not Patrick J. Buchanan’s first essay into the absurd. A few years ago, before 9/11, before the first attack on the World Trade Center, Buchanan suggested that Christian, Jewish, and Muslim fundamentalists should get together in order to, ahh, for lack of a better phrase, run the world.

Even in those days Buchanan must have been out of touch with Jerry Falwell.
Christian fundamentalists had rejected Islamic fundamentalism long before Patrick got out of knee pants. And that is not all: Falwell and the Christian right have been among Israel’s most ardent supporters before Buchanan had ever heard of Mother Teresa. How did he miss all this?

It’s the religious left that has the self-destructive hots for Islamic fundamentalism, the National Council of Churches, Rev. Robert Edgar, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Thomas Gumbleton, the make-believe Catholics that run DePaul and Georgetown Universities and dozens of other educational institutions.

The deadly cultural diversity bacillus has eaten into their miserable souls, got down to bone and is now affecting their minds. A Judeo-Christian-Islamic America appeals to them like chemotherapy does to a man dying of cancer. It’s their last, best hope to achieve a Socialist Nirvana. It is something they must have. But when all God’s children sits down together it won’t be the Rev. Edgar’s Christ who will rise from the dead, it will be Bin Laden’s Mohammed. The Prophet will preside over the religious left’s Last Supper.

Why would a bone deep religious fundamentalist like Buchanan crawl into bed with the likes of the National Council of Churches? It is a puzzle. Does he hate Israel that much? By the time Buchanan is done with this latest bit of nonsense he will wish it were only a venereal disease he has contracted.

“Either we deal with them,” writes Buchanan, “or fight them or get out of the Middle East.”

Deal, fight, get out – Buchanan would deal. Getting out won’t work. If the U.S. quit the Middle East tomorrow in less than ten months Hamas would be telling America to get out of America. What Hamas needs is a Marshall Plan like the one Germany received after World War Two; this is where the ‘fight them’ comes in. Hamas should be destroyed, ground into the dirt, disarmed, taught humility, how to sing along with Mitch instead of ‘Hiel Hitlering,’ made to lift barges and tote bales, put to work chipping mortar off usable debris and after a suitable apprenticeship they could be allowed to rejoin the community of nations on a trial basis. It worked for Germany and it’s better than probation. This is what will have to be done unless one prefers to dispose of Saudi Barbaria first and then it won’t matter.

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  1. Giovani Gerodeti

    February 10, 2006 at 8:46 pm

    A very good article by Denis schulz,
    Buchanan is yet to grasp and understand the
    Arabs,Hamas and the middle east.

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