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Hamas beer to be launched with new green label

Hamas Beer Changes Label
According to an article on Albawaba, a Jordan-based news website that covers the Arab world, Taybeh Beer, a West Bank brewing company owned by Nadim Khoury, is planning to produce a non-alcoholic beer following the victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections.

Hamas is an Islamic party; according to the laws of Islam, the consumption of alcohol is forbidden.

Until now, Taybeh has sold only alcoholic beer, both a light and darker version available in locations that sells beer in the West Bank, as well as in Britain, Germany and Israel.

However, Khoury recently decided to market a new type of non-alcoholic beer in light of the election of the Hamas party. The new beer will feature an Arabic-only label in Hamas’ trademark color – green.

“I figured why not have a green label so it will match?” said Khoury, who added, “All customers will notice the green for the Hamas flag.”

Drinking Taybeh Beer is considered a patriotic act among West Bank Palestinians, with most people eschewing popular Israeli and international brands in favour of the local brew. Khoury clearly sees his business not just as a money-maker, but also as his way of contributing to the future of a Palestinian state.

Khoury hopes that launching the non-alcoholic version will be not only a boost to sales, but also to Palestine, as he sees the success of Palestinian business as a crucial step for the establishment of an independent state.
“Every time we sell a bottle of beer it goes toward building the state of Palestine,” he said.

Taybeh beer is actually very popular in Israel. It is sold at many of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv’s trendy bars and clubs – and not just because it’s chic, but because it’s considered a genuinely good beer.

It’ll be interesting to see if the non-alcoholic version develops the same cachet among Israel’s young and hip.

Read the whole article here.


  1. Excellent, beer is always good, and the guy in the picture looks pleased.

  2. Maybe their slogan could be “Every bottle packs a punch!”

  3. This Mr. Khoury is a very smart businesman,
    he forsees the future of the Palestinian
    state tobe,he knows its going to become
    another fundamental state,like other Muslim
    neighbors,so he started producing non-alchoholic beer already.

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