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There she goes, Miss Israel…

Yael Nazeri - Miss Israel 2006
Yael Nazer, 18, is the new Miss Israel. Photo: Moshe Sasson/Ynet

Yael Nazeri, an 18 year-old high school student from Kiryat Shmona, was crowned Miss Israel 2006 in a televised ceremony last night.

I watched the event in bits and pieces – mainly while zapping away from elections coverage during commercial breaks. To be honest, I don’t like beauty pageants: they make my inner feminist cringe. But still I’m kind of drawn to the glitter and the pomp – especially the evening gown competition.

So I guess this means that Yael won’t be serving in the army next year?

Here she is, second from the right, with the three runners up.

Miss Israel 2006Photo by Moshe Sasson, Ynet.

If you read Hebrew, detailed coverage of the pageant (plus more photos) is here.


  1. i also had a chance to watch the pageant last night (thanks to the movie channel package of HOT! which for the past few days has been airing re-runs of “bad movies”) like u, im not a big fan of beauty contests either. i believe it’s a glorified form of female exploitation. imagine those girls being paraded on stage with gowns or evening dresses (whatever those fashionistas call it!) that are either bare back or had necklines so deep, they expose theirselves to catching pneumonia! oh, and let’s not forget the swimsuit category. i don’t really have a problem with the swimwear itself except that it’s worn with 3-5inches stilletos! get real, u pageant people! u wouldnt catch even urselves wearing shoes that high on the beach or in ur country club’s pool! aside from worrying about their exceptionally perfect-sized (which is over c-cup nowadays!) breast popping out of their swimsuit tops, these girls are tortured to walk with poise and grace donning those high heels which at the end of the contest would surely give them some sole or foot disorder if not an injury. well, i don’t think i can really change anything with regards to the operation of these pageants but im glad there r sites like this where i can freely post a commentary without being hated, cursed or branded as kill-joy by those people who have a devotion to such programs.

  2. I agree. Is there any contact information for Yael so that I can explain this all to her?

  3. About Ms. Nazer: ‘How wondrous are thy works, O Lord – how very great are thy designs…’

  4. Yael’s older sister works with my husband. Apparently she got in quite a bit of trouble for using the companies interoffice email system to tell everyone to vote for Yael. But hey, it worked!

  5. walking on high heels are not a problem if you train properly.the fact that you are against beuty pageants only shows your own insecurity with normal human sexuality.Its your judeochristian heresies that have perverted the true doctrine of god.if women and so called men of the west stop being feminists most of the world problems will stop.understand this god created you as male and female.male to rule and female to help male.even if you wage war against god to change this you will not win,because god exists.

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