Anat Lev
Anat Lev. Photo: Amit Magal/Ynet

Anat Lev was born 19 years ago in the Dominican Republic. Her father is an Israeli businessman who met, fell in love with and married a local tour guide; although he gave his daughter a very Israeli name, he did not speak to her in Hebrew. And yet, for some reason, despite not knowing the language and never having lived in Israel, she decided to serve in the IDF. So she gave up her Caribbean paradise, moved to the land of her father’s birth and enlisted. Now completing her basic training, she says she’s absolutely sure she made the right decision.

“Everyone tells me I’m crazy to have left the Caribbeans and come to Israel to join the army. All my friends are at university. But here I learned there is time for everything and I will study later. I feel great to be here,” she said.

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