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World’s sexiest rocker to visit Israel

Lenny Kravitz

According to this article on the Ynet site, Lenny Kravitz is planning to visit Israel this summer. Kravitz told the Israeli consul-general in New York that he plans to visit friends in Israel and has no plans to perform. But hey, we can live in hope. Can’t we?

Kravitz is the son of an African-American mother and a Jewish father. Such exotic genes!


  1. If he doesn’t want to perform, maybe he could just walk around outside in the outfit he’s wearing in the photo, preferably in the Ramat Gan area, please. 🙂

  2. Hello from Italy! Your blog is fantastic! Please, if you have just a free minute, visit me back and leave a comment with your link, so other Italian people will be able to visit you! Thank you!;-D

  3. He sure don’t look like any Lenny Kravitz that I remember! (Joke!)
    Interesting Fact: His mother, Roxie Roker, in her role of Helen Willis in “The Jeffersons” potrayed a Black Woman married to a White Man! (not her real life Jewish Husband) This was American TV’s first interracial marriage!

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