Dining out in Israel has always been a challenge for observant people who want quality dining as well as top notch service. With the opening of a new quality restaurant, The Meat and Wine Company, in Herzlia Petuah, kosher diners will now have an opportunity to enjoy a truly quality meat restaurant without compromising their religious beliefs.

The new restaurant is part of a chain founded by a South African company that plans to open several of them in Israel, including Eilat. Religious diners in that city will soon be able enjoy a fine meal without having to remain in their hotels, once that city’s branch is opened. The company, which opened a restaurant in Dubai, in the U.A.E. received very favorable response there, resulting in their planning to open other branches elsewhere in the ‘Gulf’.

Israeli chefs and other restaurant staff are receiving special training in the art of not only preparing quality meals, but giving a high level of service as well. Laurence Thorpe, who manages the parent organization, known as Food Fun, stresses the service element, as he believes this has been missing in Israeli restaurants. He believes that better service results in repeat customers, as well as larger tips for those who wait on them. The staff training even involves sending many to receiving on the job training in already established restaurants in Australia and elsewhere. “There are simply not enough quality kosher restaurants here” Thorpe was quoted as saying. His words couldn’t be truer as anyone wanting to eat in a fine restaurant in Tel Aviv, for example, has only a handful of good kosher restaurants to choose from, some of which are beyond many diners’ budget.

Thorpe believes that Israelis who are employed in the restaurant business, have to be taught how to be polite, especially those who are directly involved with serving customers. He believes it’s not enough to simply offer a quality menu, but to make the customer want to return to dine again and again.

The quality of the meat and fine wine being served rank with the best non-kosher establishments. A religious diner can enjoy a truly superb dining experience. The chain plans to open branches in London and New York City as well, with similar success forecast. “These cities may eventually be an even bigger market for this kind of restaurant” Thorpe added. Anyone who is observant and has tried to find quality kosher dining in these locations can certainly agree.