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Clout – Kills!

Friday’s weekend news program on Israel’s Channel 2 T.V., dealt with the continuing road accident carnage on the country’s streets and highways. One incident in particular that stood out from the rest, was the accident occurring recently in central Tel Aviv, involving a 26 year old woman and small son who were killed instantly when their small car was hit by a man driving an expensive 4 X 4 vehicle, worth more than half a million N.S.

What made this tragedy stand out over many other similar occurrences was that the accident happened during the mid-day and in perfect weather conditions. The driver of the 4 X 4, a wealthy businessman who, it turned out, had drunk several glasses of wine during a luncheon engagement, and should not have been behind the wheel of his car in such a state. His blood alcohol level, combined with being behind the wheel of a high-power “status machine” turned out to be nothing short of homicide when he tried to go through a changing traffic light and collided with the unfortunate woman who was completely within the law.

Car CrashThe investigating police units estimated that ‘Mr. 4 x 4’ was driving at a very excessive rate of speed and could not have stopped his vehicle in time had he even wanted to. Both cars were literally ‘totaled’ especially the small econo-box that the woman was driving. The gory, blood splattered windscreen of her car indicated that either she, or her son (of both of them) were thrown into the glass, increasing what turned out to be literally multiple injuries, most of which would have been extremely critical or fatal.

Surprisingly, ‘Mr. 4 x 4’ was able to walk away with only minor injuries, despite his car being a write-off, and even rolling over and over several times. His survival was probably due to the strength of his car, one with a 5 of 5 safety rating, and by his drinking, which probably relaxed his system and prevented his muscles from tensing up, which might have caused more serious injuries, had he not been semi-inebriated. The T.V. story ended by noting that the man is now back at work, most likely in one of those new high-rise office complexes like Azrelei Towers.

The poor woman and her three year old son are now lying together under a meter and a half of earth, and a young husband and father is literally crushed by their tragic deaths. ‘Mr. 4 x 4’ probably had his license suspended for 30 days, and is now in the process of settling with his insurance company, as well as with the one that was insuring the woman’s car. Israel’s ‘no fault’ insurance law regarding personal injury in traffic accidents means that this part of the occurrence is being settled between the two companies, unless any additional law suits against the driver at fault are brought to court. Being a person of influence, most likely ‘Mr. 4 X 4’ has an army of advocates at his disposal to fight any lawsuits filed by the family of the slain woman.

Great! O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake were able to beat murder raps in America because they hired the best lawyers; and most likely this guy will also win out. His car was no different than a loaded gun, and the results were exactly the same, whether or not his intentions were.


  1. In a civilized law respecting country, the 4×4
    driver as you called him,should now sit in jail
    for driving under the influence, (DRUNK in plain
    words),especialy after causing the death of two
    young and innocent souls,its about time for Israel to be tough on drivers that are dangerous.

  2. Why is Mr 4×4’s name not revealed? Society deserves to know that this citizen is heartless and irresposible.

  3. Nice subjective story..sheesh, get over it. “behind the wheel of a high-power “status machine”” Oh please….you’re an idiot, and i’m glad that I only came across this site by pure accident, as I’ll never have to do myself the mispleasure of returning.

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