A Major was incriminated by his soldiers with harassment as payback for being “too strict” to their taste. The story began three years ago, when two female soldiers of the base started receiving phone calls from someone who they assumed were the base’s Major. In their testimony, the soldiers said the voice sounded just like the Major’s. One soldier said the Major offered her “to give her an oiled massage”. The other clamed the Major has called her several times and offered her all kind of offers to get her to some to his room.

Later on it became clear that both soldiers weren’t chosen for nothing. One was new to the base and didn’t really know the Major’s voice, the other didn’t work closely with him and seldom talked to him.

But this mischief went too well, as the Major was accused with misconduct and prosecuted at a court martial, During which the Judges were amazed at the level of chaos and disobedience in the base. The members of the judging comity, with Colonel Rachel Tevet-Vizel as the head, discovered that amongst the recent deeds of the soldiers in the base are: Forgery of entrance permits to the base, the theft of the base’s property (a digital camera), tearing of TV wires in an Officer’s barracks, an officer involved with the theft of hard drives, invective graffiti against officers and other soldiers and more.

The last thing was the obscene calls allegedly made the Major. The Major on his part strongly denied making the calls. He claimed that other then official talks he had with female soldiers, he had never deviated to inappropriate topics. What’s more, during the court martial, the Major’s lawyers Eyal Shimrony-Cohen and Dov Cohen, showed that in some of the times the accused has allegedly performed his obscene phone calls, he was actually present in official meetings.

The Major was finely acquitted, and yesterday the comity published its reasons. The judges wrote in their decision that due to the fact that the defendant was witnessed in meetings during the time he allegedly performed the phone calls, and considering the base’s chaotic and disobedient atmosphere, it is quite likely that he was incriminated by his soldiers.

The comity members write, “In face of the rebelliousness in the base, the amount of disciplinary problems which appears to be unimaginable for a military base, and the grudge the soldiers held for their Major, it is our conclusion that out of feelings of vengeance the soldiers mimicked his voice in order to incriminate him.”