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Academic Dilemma: Are Advanced Degrees Within your Reach ?

Most university graduates possessing a B.A. or B.S. degree eventually must decide if it is worthwhile to go on to receive a higher academic degree. In today’s highly competitive world, the answer to this question in most cases is that without a higher degree, finding a better career opportunity is much more difficult.

Sure, we all have heard some recent success stories of people such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, or Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group of companies, both of whom have managed to amass huge fortunes without receiving even an undergraduate degree. These two are outstanding exceptions, though, and the ‘bottom line’ for success is to continue on up the academic ladder and receive at least an MA or MBA. Degree. MBA degrees have recently received more and more attention as a degree worth having, whether one is involved in a business oriented career, or in any number of fields including even science and health related professions. Anyone planning to start a new business venture, otherwise known as a ‘start-up’ business undertaking, as well as those involved with administration or customer relations, will benefit highly from the practical and theoretical knowledge received from completing an MBA Degree.

Israeli academic institutions, both universities and colleges, have begun to focus more and more on this degree, either as a full time study program, or as a part-time or ‘Executive MBA’ format. As a result, people from various academic backgrounds are becoming interested in acquiring an MBA. With this in mind, a prospective student has to decide where to study for and receive this degree. While many campuses in Israel do offer an MBA program, the status and accreditation of the degree is something that each student much carefully consider, as not all these degree programs are the same. Ones offered by Israeli academic institutions are not often accredited on an international level that is beneficial to people looking for employment outside of Israel. Another problem facing many prospective MBA students is having the time or the finances to undertake an MBA program at a known foreign university; a study undertaking that not only may require two or more years or study abroad, but is usually extremely costly as well.

For this reason, many students are considering what is known as on-line or distance learning studies, that enable them to remain working in their present jobs and studying at home in their spare. These ‘virtual’ study programs enable people to study for a degree without having to actually attend formal classes. While not for everyone (those who prefer the challenge and student-instructor interaction of an actual classroom situation may not be able to adjust to individual learning from home), many others appreciate the flexibility and non-structured freedom that distance learning provides. Actual classroom simulation is given so the student doesn’t feel left out of an actual lecture format.

Recently, one of Great Britain’s most prestigious academic institutions, Imperial College, London, began offering a distance learning MBA through their Tanaka Business School. This MBA program is now being offered to prospective students in Israel, and has been recently advertised on various information websites, as well as in the Jerusalem Post. Imperial College’s aim is to offer students a ‘pay as you go’ option to enable students to take as few or as many course ‘modules’ as their time and financial ability allows. A student can either complete the entire MBA program in a little as two years, or take up to five years or longer. Examinations are to be given through the British Council, which has branches in both Jerusalem and in Ramat Gan, by Tel Aviv.

All in all, there are many possibilities available for students considering an MBA Degree. Whether it be by full or part-time class participation, or by distance learning, a suitable study solution can be available to everyone; and the potential rewards very worthwhile.

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  1. Clever idea, that distance learning! Something worth checking out.

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