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Safer Sex: Condoms Found to Block Cancer Causing Viruses

By Maurice Picow

It’s not just HIV/AIDS that people should be concerned about these days, when romantic interludes occur. A recent finding by an independent medical research organization, has found the regular use of condoms during sexual intercourse helps prevent the occurrence of cervical and other kinds of female genital cancers. The research findings concluded that use of these latex protection devices prevented vaginal warts and similar growths from forming as compared to test cases where partners had sex au natural. In fact those using condoms on a regular basis, female partners contracted these vaginal growths less than 50% of the time. The growths, found to be caused by certain viruses, were discouraged from forming due to condoms, proving that rubbers, though less enjoyable, are still one of the best bets for preventing disease, not to mention pregnancy.

The study, conducted among students at the University of Seattle, in the U.S. state of Washington, found that regular use of condoms during sex was even better than a use of recently introduced vaccine alleged to protect women against four different strains of human caused papillomavirus. Mr. James Allen, president of the American Social Health Association, said the “the findings are definite” in regards to the effectiveness of condoms.

Not only do condoms protect women against cancer, but for years now, their use has been proven to not only protect against fatal virus such as HIV/AIDS, but against other types of sexually transmitted diseases as well. Before the outset of AIDs in the early 1980s, use of condoms had already been proven to be invaluable for protection against a variety of diseases, including syphilis, gonorrhea, and others like herpes, a very common sexually transmitted disease which, though not fatal, can stay with those who contract it for life, flaring up from time to time, and making it’s victims literally miserable.

Young, sexually active couples, often think that using birth control pills is enough, if they only practice sex together and not with other individuals. This new study, participated in by female students between the ages of 18 and 22, has put new light in preventing female genital cancers, one of the most deadly cancers in women. While this new study is very reveling, it does contradict earlier studies made in which use of condoms during sex was inconclusive. Use of condoms while reducing the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS, does still not eliminate the possibilities of becoming infected, however, and the research panel still recommends that couples undergo full HIV/AIDs testing before become sexually active.

Israeli youth are at one of the worst risks, due to widespread non-use of condoms, although available virtually everywhere, and in an almost endless array of varieties, including many types that are designed to improve sexual enjoyment; and even some with flavors! And, as the prices for condoms have decreased proportionally in recent years, there’s simply no reason not to use them; except of course, selfish male “machoism”.

The next step, according to the panel, is to induce the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require condoms sold in America to include warnings that non-use of condoms will increase risks of cancer in women. The bottom line: better be safe than sorry, even if it’s less fun!


  1. Do these have to be passed out in the schools, like they are in countries like South Africa, or China, before the message will be learned?

    Kids in Israel need to know that as inconvenient as condoms are, they are beneficial to their health.

  2. Any thought at all to good ‘ole abstinance? It’s not only sure prevention of the above, but it’s also a wonderful aide in the avoidance of unnecessary heart ache-good for both!

    Kids need to be taught what “sex” is, before they learn to have it “worry free”.

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