I guess this says it all. It’s official. This is Yediot Ahronot‘s front page. The word at the top is MILCHAMA – WAR.

War in Lebanon - Front Page of Yediot Ahronot

As of this morning there is one woman killed in Naharia from rocket attacks. These attacks have been going on all morning and have covered broad areas of the North. The Air Force has dicommissioned the Beirut airport and the sea ways have also been closed. Lebanon is going to bare the brunt of this recent attack in the north and will be held responible for all Hizbulla actions. Reports and images show that there are growing numbers of dead. The Hizbulla that occupies known restricted areas in west Beirut has been eyed. The army has announced a dead zone one kilometer from the border setting a new rule that any person seen in that zone will be shot without warning. The army is calling this operation “Due Pay”. This is going to go on for a while…

Our hearts are with the families of the fallen and captured soldiers.