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The Turning Point ?

Qana LebanonSevere reactions to an attack by the Israeli Air Force on the Lebanese town of Qana, located 16 km east of Tyre, has provoked widespread condemnation of Israel’s continuing military operation; and may even be a major ‘turning point’ in this 19 day old war. The air raid, occurring in the early Sunday morning hours, resulted in a basement shelter filled with refugees, many of them women and children, being hit by IAF bombs with more than 60 people reported killed and injured. As the bodies were continuously pulled out of the rubble, the angry outcry has resulted in a cancellation of a planned visit to Beirut by U.S. Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice. Though Israeli military authorities reported that Qana had been used to launch Katyusha rockets into Israel, the resulting death and injury and of innocent civilians has created such a strong backlash against Israel that an immediate and unconditional ceasefire is now being demanded by world leaders, including Jordan’s King Abdullah, who called the attack “an ugly crime”.

Condoleezza Rice Israel Defense Minister Amir Peretz has asked the IAF to investigate the cause of the attack and why this particular location (i.e. the shelter area) was attacked. This effort is not enough to placate an extremely agitated Lebanese populace who afterwards surrounded and broke into the U.N. Beirut headquarters, smashing everything they could lay their hands on, and waiving yellow Hezbollah flags, as well as shouting slogans tied to that organization.

The reverberations from this attack, called an international outrage by many, could well be Hezbollah’s “secret weapon” as they know that international public opinion is even more potent than their continuing to shoot their missiles into the Jewish State. Incidents such as this have always occurred during warfare; and a very similar one occurred in Baghdad during the 1991 Gulf War when an American launched ‘smart bomb’ struck a shelter in central Baghdad, killing more than a hundred civilians. That incident, and the public outcry it created, resulted in an immediate scaling down of U.S. attacks on the Iraqi capital, and may have helped keep Saddam Hussein in power, even after his army was crushed.

Qana LebanonHezbollah has successfully used civilians to keep their enemies at bay, and even in the initial attacks on southern Beirut, Hezbollah had used heavily populated areas to launch missiles, as well as hide militiamen and arms. This may have also occurred in what will now be referred to as the ‘Qana massacre’. And regardless of the outcome of Israel’s investigation, the international condemnation pouring out, with the help of zealous news medias, will most likely result in even Ms. Rice and U.S. President Bush calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Hezbollah, especially their leader Sheikh Nasrallah, couldn’t be more pleased, and are probably already making plans on how to exploit this event to the fullest. They even know that if an international peacekeeping force is sent to S. Lebanon (most likely composed of many American combat personnel, despite being stretched thin in Iraq and Afghanistan) will be to Hezbollah’s advantage, as a few well- orchestrated suicide terror attacks will make this force flee like the Americans did form Beirut in 1982. And Nasrallah also knows that he doesn’t even have to fire any more of his Katyusha rockets into Israel, as the ‘missiles’ of anti- Israel public opinion have already been very successfully launched.


  1. No turnning point

    A survey that popped up in the danish media from the Beirut institute for information stated that 96,3 percent of the shia-muslims in Libanon suport the shellig of Israli citis in the north.

    Now they got it big time in Qana, and Israel is the big bad guy ?

    I find it horrible that we have to have this war in the first place, but I am asking myself who set it of and why.

    They ought to think twice in libanon about who they are supporting, as a bad choice can prove deadly

  2. Unfortunately, Israel gets the short end of the stick no matter WHAT it does. And this event, as tragic as it was, is certainly no exception. Most certainly, and the results of an investigation will most likely prove this out, rockets WERE FIRED from very near the building these people were in. A large, say 500kg bomb exploding even next to such a building would probably be enough to make it collapse (like buildings did in Turkey when they had that disasterous earthquake a few years ago).

    Anyway, the damage has been done, both physically, and in the world political arena. And ‘you-know-who’ came out the big winner.

  3. Ed wrote

    Unfortunatly, Israel gets the short end of the stick no matter WHAT it does.

    No Ed. Not everywhere.
    As a Dane, I remember our embassy in flames in Syria and Libanon in february.

  4. perhaps we will wakeup one morning and find that decent americans have opened their eyes and no longer will be bullied into supporting this tragedy. perhaps they too will rebel by burning American/Israely flags. are we too cowered to stand up and protest evil?

  5. Just as hubris and arrogance got the Bush administration into the Iraq fiasco, so has the Israeli regime miscalculated at every step in their campaign against Hezbollah. Israel has let itself be played like a fiddle by Hezbollah. The suffering in Qana and the rest of Lebanaon must be stopped. U.S. and Israeli policy has sentenced the whole world to more decades of violence. We are ALL human shields, pawns on the chessboards of ruling parties.

  6. Hey, Canaarche, I didn’t know you were from Denmark. I used to work with a Danish guy from Copenhagen. He returned there a couple of years ago. Your country helped a lot of Jews to escape to Sweden during WWII, and people here are very grateful for this. After the ‘cartoon’ incident, Muslims reacted very harshly towards the Danish newspaper that first published them, not to mention Danish commercial and diplomatic interests in many countries. What’s very interesting is that none of the cartoons were even an 1/8th as provocative as ones printed in Arab newspapers regarding Israel and Jews. So, taking all this into proper perspective, you may now get my point in regards to radical Islam.

  7. For both C.Malin and E. Fields: How would both of you like to wake up one morning and find yourselves and your families living under an extremist Islamic Caliphite ruled by the likes of Nasrallah – Saari Islamic laws and all! That’s what this whole thing is all about.

    I don’t know if either of you two have ever been to Israel, but you should come here one day and see how we live here under our ‘rules’. It’s a bit more free and democratic than Nasrallahs’ for sure. There’s an old saying that if you get two Jews together, you have three opinions (in Israel you have 4 or 5!). In Hezbollahland, you’re only allowed one – his!

    You guys choose under which set of rules YOU want to live under!

  8. Elizabeth Rebeiz

    July 30, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    Well Israel tried hard to take Hezbollah’s strongholds Maroun al Ras and Bint Jbeil. They had to leave because they lost soldiers there. They are very brave indeed… In order to cover up their cowardice they kill powerless civilians in shelters (what kind of bombs are they using anyway?) instead of fighting like men.
    We all were children once and bullies and crybabies were the worst kind.
    Save the human in every one of us, don’t allow cynicism take over.

  9. RhodesVan3000

    July 30, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    Well God’s chosen people have really shown your stripes again.
    You are wallowing in a cess pool of hatefull racist Zionism. No wonder most of the world hates your horrible culture, religion and country. Who would have ever thought the resurgance of the fourth Reich would happen in your poor little country being picked on by the whold world.

  10. Ed, I’m sure those kids yearned for the right to have two or three opinions simultaneously as their little bodies were ripped apart by “free and democratic” Israeli bombs. The children we should have real pity for are the ones who have, for now at least, survived in “Hezbollahland.”

    “You guys choose under which set of rules YOU want to live under!”

    Or die under, as it were.

  11. Matt !!! They didn`t know. Nobody over there knows.
    So they didn`t yean for anything other than food and water. Nobody is entitled to have a second opinion in “Hezbollahland”. You did however strike a note.
    It`s about education, the education that kids in “Hezbollahland” do not enjoy. Why don`t you donate a large sum of money for the educations of those poor kids still living there, so that they free and democraticly can decide NOT to let rockets rain on Israel. Narshallah is sure only going to donate death and destuction to those poor sods, as he in all comfort is sitting in Damascus.
    Don`t poke Matt. Do something.
    Ps. We didn`t choose to live were we do. Our parents made that choice for us.

  12. u-are-all-idiots

    July 30, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    Anybody who does show outrage at what went on in Qana where many children were killed is not a human being but a beast, a low level swine incapable of empathy. These low lying disgusting brutes calling for “we have a right to self defense..” are decandent in their thinking, selfsih and immoral.

  13. “cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war..”

    war is hell, but
    it could be alot more interesting for those of us scoring the death toll of this war in the comfort of our homes,
    if it werent such a lopsided match.
    from what i can understand in the sports pages,it seems 1 Israeli corpse = 10 Lebanese corpses (Lebanese children count a 2/3).

    is this an accounting trick, or standard scoring practice?

    mathematics aside, how can the two sides have peace together, if their cultural education trains them to hate each other?

    until respect is fostered,
    as least let the Lebs have some planes to bomb hospitals and power stations with.
    even up the “theatre”, in the name of equality.

    next year on the banks of the Litani?…

  14. israelis = moral degeneratives

  15. Is there any possible reaction but sorrow? Apparently, as so many step up to offer justifications for the most well-equipped army in the region hiding behind technology, refusing to risk the lives of their own soldiers, but raining death upon innocent children? Who will be the first of the hateful, hard-hearted supporters of Israel to say that these children were not innocent? Jehovah is watching, and Israel is not doing His will.

    Repent, and turn back to God. Remember those who stepped into the fire rather than bow down to a giant statue of a false God.


  16. The U.S. policy in the Mid-East is becoming more untenable by the hour. Ms. Rice should start playing the piano as a day job.

  17. paul mikesell

    July 30, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    –Ed Gordon:
    –Unfortunately, Israel gets the short end of the –stick no matter WHAT it does

    It’s true: EVEN when Israel continues to wreak carnage on innocent civilians, murders UN observers, deliberately targets and murders relief workers, in addition to, for 60 years, denying the right of the Palestinians to exist as a people, in open defiance of a great many UN resolutions whose enforcement has been effectively blocked by that great beacon of liberty throughout the world the United States of America (proud supplier of the bombs that murder arab civilians) it still reaps only world condemnation. How unfair! But pay no mind – criticism of Israel ALWAYS originates with hateful antisemites.

  18. Annan should ORDER Hezbullah to IMMEDIATELY surrender and come out with the white flag. Hezbullah has been getting ready for this war. It has been taking prisoners of war inside the sovereign nation of Israel and it is hiding in civilian clothes behind the skirts of women and dead children. Not even ANIMALS use their dead as trophies to win a (“moral”)?? war, holding them before them like apes. Hezbullah has uniforms and should wear them. I want an explanation why they are NOT wearing their uniforms, why they are hiding in civilian clothing among civilians and why they declared an all out and open war, stating that they were ready and eager for it. Finally I want to know why Hezbullah, led from Iran/Syria did not use those territories as a war theatre, but instead Lebanon. Iran, through Hezbullah, and insurgency in Iraq, is fighting the little satan (in Lebanon) and the Great Satan (USA) on two fronts through proxies. This deserves an open court hearing in the UN.

  19. 37 of 57 killed are children? That’s a high percentage in any shelter, especially when the residents were warned to leave. Hezbollah may have forced them in there for their propaganda campaign. Hezbollah is responsible.


    I could not agree more. Any further discussion about how Israel gets the ‘short stick’ when lives of children are at stake is irrelevant. I am Israeli and I am furious that such crime was allowed to take place. I am even more furious that somehow we manage to make it about us, and how now we end up getting the ‘short stick’. It is not about us. It’s about those children that died. I am afraid they are the one who got the short stick. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves for one second and think of the lives that were lost. Have some compassion. Have the dignity to question your government from time to time. After all, you keep priding yourself of the right to have an opinion.

  21. America needs to walk away – walk away from the whole sorry mess. We need an energy policy, not the non-policy of the markets. We don’t need the middle east. If the eU and Japan want to get into the middle of your brawl, that’s their foolishness. They, after all, need that oil.

    We can do without. Walk away.

  22. My post got cut in half. It began:

    “Unfortunately, Israel gets the short end of the stick no matter WHAT it does.”

    That’s because Israel is a historical mistake – the stupidest thing attempted in the 20th century. It’s a splinter in the side of the Arab world. Of course the areas around it fester…

    I don’t particularly care how this comes out. But I’m damn tired of seeing my money go for this. Two pretty good estimates peg the actual cost of American aid to Israel since 1948 at close to a half-trillion dollars and the total cost, including all economic costs, at a trillion and a half.

    All that money has accomplished nothing.

    And I bet those were american weapons that killed these refugees. You know, if a few suicide bombers from Lebannon go after americans now, well, what goes around…

    We had a kid go south a couple of days ago up here in Seattle. A Paki with a history of mental illness shot up the headquarters of a Jewish organization because he “was mad at Israel.”

    The insanity spreads…

    And I must say the timing of this mini-war is suspect. There have been a lot of provocations, and reports have surfaced suggesting this war has been planned for at least a year.

    This war isn’t aimed at Hezbollah – hell, the IDF has only killed a handfull of them – It’s aimed at brutalizing the Lebannese for being pro-Hezbollah [just like the Gazans for electing Hamas] and at the US.

    It’s backfiring on the Lebannese… But unfortunately the neocons who have usurped the government in the US – the individuals, that is – are either in on the gag or clueless.

    Israel wants to derail any negotiations with Iran and wants to prevent US withdrawal from Iraq. Saddam may have been anti-Israel, but removing him was the bigest boon for Shiite unity ever imaginable. Right now, the only thing that can prevent a unified front from inevitably forming is the US army in Iraq.

    And the IDF will need the American army behind Syria when they decide to take on the Syrians…

  23. paul mikesell:

    couldn’t agree more..

    israel’s victimhood sputterings ridiculous and racist

  24. I’m from the US and consider myself a friend of Israel, though I often disagree with the more militant policies of it’s leaders.

    What I don’t understand is Israel’s initial response to Hezbollah’s attack and hostage taking. Why not go to the UN or Lebanon at that point or negoitiate for the realease of the soldiers? From what I understand, capturing Israeli soldiers is the way Hezbollah usually goes about getting their own people out of Israeli prisons.

    It’s v. hard for me to make sense of this war. If Israel had pursued every avenue to get their soldiers back, with no results,
    it might be at least somewhat understandable.

    Is anyone concerned that, rather than making Israel more secure, it will create a backlash in the Arab world that will be felt for years to come? Does anyone feel that Olmert is doing this for personal politcal rewasons rather than strictly for Israel? I ask because George Bush uses war and terror to empower himself and thereby weaken his Democratic opponents.

  25. I’ve seen the uncensored images on al-jazeera. all of the dead children were wearing pijamas. how can you keep 37 children asleep when rocket launchers are executing fire in the vicinity, as israel claims? this is a cold blooded crime and there are no excuses for israel in this case. this is a turning point. at least for me.

  26. In the past I considered myself a friend of Israel.

    Then, as time passed, I became unable to tolerate the actions of the Israeli right… the blatant racism of the settler movement, the violence in Lebanon… but I still believed in the people of Israel, and that they would right the situation.

    Then I began to lose faith in the people as a whole… Sharon came to power, the Wall started to appear… the suffering of the Palestinians looked more and more like a colonial occupation… but I still thought Israel had the right to exist…

    Today, after Qana, I really crossed the line… I’m done with Israel. Whatever happens now, Israelis deserve. The possiblility of a Jewish state has faded into the bog of racist hatered that state has become. It’s over. If you want to leave, I’ll give you a place to stay and feed you for a while… but if you stay, you’re on your own.

  27. “Severe reactions to an attack by the Israeli Air Force on…Qana…has provoked widespread commendation of Israel’s continuing military operation” Commendation?…or CONDEMNATION?

  28. BuzzorHowl…you are not alone…Israel mania is out of control in our Congress….it is the dead that got the short end of the stick not Israel…
    what is the master plan in this attack to get conditions right for the cease fire…it seems the only conditions for a cease fire in Lebanon and Gaza is an end to Hizbollah and Hamas….now these two groups could follow the US congress lead…and say “We stand by Israel”….every time Israel makes a request our entire congress votes yea…we borrow money for Israel…if Israel needs weapons we automatically send cannot run for office in the US unless you put Israel first….we do not even debate if Israel’s and our security are the same….now, if Hamas and Hizbollah would just say we stand by Israel and let Israel pick their leadership…this fighting would end…if we can do it so can you…

  29. I don’t recall the international community crying over dead Jews. Not once in the 58 year history of the conflict has the world wailed at dead Jews. Nothing else need be said.

  30. Ray: I don’t recall the international community crying over dead Jews. Not once in the 58 year history of the conflict has the world wailed at dead Jews

    Nor, in the years 1939-1945, did you hear much lamentation among the world community for dead Germans.

    Nothing else need be said.

    But since you seem extremely dense I’ll say it anyway – perhaps the world community objects to racist genocide no matter who commits it.

  31. Larry said: Hezbollah may have forced them in there for their propaganda campaign. Hezbollah is responsible.

    Ah, there it is, then. It didn’t take long for an Israeli to blame the other side for the carnage they inflicted on innocent bystanders. You don’t get the short end of any stick. With rhetoric like this, you DEMAND it.

    Let’s apply your logic to the other side, shall we? Israel abandoned two soldiers to their own fortune in Hezbollah territory because they needed an excuse to satisfy their Arab blood craving. It doesn’t sound feasible to me, but if you think Hezbollah would offer 60 plus civillians, 2/3 of which were children, as sacrificial lambs just for a little PR, it should sound feasible to you.

    You’re an asshole. And your comment probably just turned lots of people from being sorry observers to being supporters of the other side. It came pretty darn close to turning me.

  32. Hmmm…. Ze notes “It didn’t take long for an Israeli to blame the other side…You’re an asshole.”…

    Isn’t that expected? I thought it was genetic…

    I want my tax money back.

  33. allpeaceallthetime

    July 30, 2006 at 11:38 pm

    Comment by palmal :
    israelis = moral degeneratives

    Comment by Playin’ Possum:
    “Hmmm…. Ze notes “It didn’t take long for an Israeli to blame the other side…You’re an asshole.”…
    Isn’t that expected? I thought it was genetic… ”

    All Israelis are degenerates and assholes and that’s genetic, right? Because you don’t approve of their policies? Hmm, some would argue that American foreign policies are pretty crappy, so what does it make you, Playin’ Possum???

    I am sick and tired of hateful, nasty, idiotic comments like those above. You and your ilk should stop enjoying your (fictional) moral superiority so much, ‘cause you don’t really have any. This is a terrible, difficult conflict, reducing it to a “all Israelis are degenerates” explanation would’ve been laughable, had it not been so dangerous. The sides need to find a way TO COMMUNICATE, not sling mud(and rockets) at each other.

    And a word to the Israelis: saying that the atrocities are on the hands of HA is disingenuous. Both sides are guilty as hell; at least have the decency to admit your share.

  34. until respect is fostered,
    as least let the Lebs have some planes to bomb hospitals and power stations with.
    even up the “theatre”, in the name of equality.

    A possibly better idea is to take all their planes, bombs and machine guns and let them fight with swords and shields on a real field of battle. While it may seem barbaric it will allow the people (from either side) that are so hate filled kill each other instead of incurring “collateral damage”.

  35. It is time that we stopped all this business of reporting about dead children, because the snot-nosed, liberal-biased pussies in the press don’t understand war. Israel is losing the PR battle because of these wimps.
    In future they should stop using the classification of civilian, woman child etc and refer to all males as terrorists, children as pre-terrorists, and women as terrorist symapathisers. Israleis should all be called heroes…so instead of a PR disaster like today’s attack on Qana…it could have read “Israeli heroes, bombed the hell out of terrorists, pre-terrorists and terrorist symapthisers”…see how much better it reads?

  36. Uranium ammunition from the USA
    UN-advisor accuses of Israel army the employment of internationally outlawed weapons. ” Contamination remains for eternities in the atmosphere “
    Jürgen Cain Külbel

    Highly explosive engagements break: Israeli soldier on Saturday at the Lebanon border
    Photo: AP
    In view of the massacre, which of Israel committed bombers on Sunday in southLebanese kana, flehte the war-established striking swords general Michel Aoun, boss of the free patriotic movement Lebanon, toward of US Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice: ” I white, her is not married and no nut/mother. But it is to therefore have no mütterlichen feelings? If, then it is to show those. “The opposition leader in the Beiruter parliament obviously did not know that the government of George W. Bush supplied with to the State of Israel over 100 pieces GBU 28 (so-called precision bombs). These are equipped with ammunition, which depleted uranium (depleted uranium – YOU) contains.

    ” We knew from the supply. Now we look on the destruction in Lebanon, which interprets on YOU “, had Dr. Doug Rokke, expert for the kind of weapon, on Friday before the press in Washington explained. Rokke, advisor of the US house of representatives and the UN, accused Israel of, to use the deadly and internationally outlawed ammunition against the Lebaneses: ” We actually received on Thursday the photography, as you blowing up heads are loaded from an Israeli Panzerkanonier. The photos were deleted strangely enough after their publication of numerous message web pages. “

    You ammunition is high-grade poisonous and radioactive. It forms types of dust and aerosols, which can lead by admission into the lung to bone damage, cancer, leukaemia and in next generation to child deformations after the impact. Rokke stressed that” all Lebaneses, all women and children, all Israelis, who will suffer complete region “from the consequences, because the” contamination for eternities remains in the atmosphere “.

    Israel does not shrink from obviously also at the employment of other outlawed weapons back. In the past week the Lebanese DAILY star (26.7) announced, of Israel military to an attack on the southLebanese Blida cluster bombs began. The director of the Nabatiyeh national hospital spoke also of the employment of” vacuum bombs, which pull air from the body, which stops respiration and so to the heart stop lead “.

    With attacks on aluminium-Orqoub, Hasbayya, Ramta, Zaaourta, Amfit and further places the close Israeli border additionally also bombs with white phosphorus were thrown off. Whereupon Dr. Mo had already referred to’ ness Kalakesh, director of the Marjeyoun national hospital on 21 July 2006 and on” abnormal cases “had reported, i.e.” strange burns, which stick the skin together and nearly not possibly are to be treated “. Dr. Bashir Sham, physician at the Southern Medical center in Sidon and member of the French Association OF Cardiovascular Surgeons, explained corpses, who were in-supplied after air impacts from the area by Doueir and Rmayleih, on 19 July before the press, looked” very abnormal “: ” One could think, they were burned. The color of their skin was black like a shoe. They were blown up and stanken terriblly. The skin had charred neither burned nor. The hair and beard or Schnurrbart remained intact sometimes. There were no traces of Blutverlust or subkutanen bleedings. “

    Sham main header out that” only chemical substances lead to an immediate death without bleedings. I have the impression that a poisonous material arrived over the skin into the bodies “, the functions of the nervous system repealed set, the blood clumped,” on which death with nearly hundred percent security “followed. Sham had examined mummy-like corpses, who had been in-supplied after a missile attack on a mini bus close Rmayleih to its hospital. ” The rocket probably set a chemical preparation free, which caused, believes the death of the twelve civilians “the physician.

    Ali Mansour, Shams boss, complained, it could not breathe” at least twelve hours not correctly after the investigation of the corpses “. It informed Javier Solana, Aussenminister of the European Union and UN-Secretary-General Kofi Annan over the incidents.

  37. not exactly a NPOV. very opinionated piece. blames the victims instead of the Israeli killers. You know Peace has been on the table for a very long time. Get out of the Golan heights, Taba or the Geneva accords and full peace and trade with all 22 Arab nations. But Israel and the America she controls through the NeoKons prefer to oblilterate first the PA, then Irak, now Lebanon, and Kristol says let’s go on and bomb Syria and Iran while we’re at it. After 2,600 dead, 20,000 wounded, a trillion dollars wasted, Lebanon destroyed, when are the American sheep people going to stop drinking the NeoKon Kool Aid.

  38. Israel is a democracy in the same way that South Africa was a democracy (or Greece, for that matter, or Alabama in the 60s). Democracy for the elite, second-class citizenship for the rest. You can’t have a race-based democracy, or a theocratic democracy. It’s an oxymoron – in Israel as well as Iran. Israel can blow up buildings in Gaza and drop bombs in Lebanon, but it cannot possibly prevail until it makes a fair peace with the Palestinians.

  39. This is a religious war. American evangelists will do anything in their power to start nuclear war/Armageddon to welcome Jesus Christ. They support Israel for the same reason.
    That is the faith of soon-to-be majority of most powerful country in the world.
    Religious fanatics have no reason, no logic.
    The sad reality is that reasonable and educated people of the planet simply ignoring that dangerous trend. They value current economical benefits/political power over their own safety.
    So, dig your fallout shelter if you are an optimist and grave if you are a pessimist.

  40. The fact that Hezbolla can hide in areas of innocent citezens and fire rockets has NEVER come under criticism of Mr. Annan is a disgrace; a plague on on bothe their houses, but Hezbola must be equally to blame.

  41. Michael O'McCarthy

    July 31, 2006 at 3:23 am

    Israel Is Not THE Enemy!
    by Michael O’McCarthy on Sun 30 Jul 2006 04:07 PM CDT

    Nor is the UN: The enemy of the people of the Middle East, as elsewhere, is the Corporate State government of the United States of America as inflicted upon the world through its economic and foreign policy:

    In 1917 Bolshevik communist revolutionaries overthrew the post-tsarist, pro-war government. Their revolution was both anti-capitalist-imperialist and anti-racist. In part, one great question, that of the Jewish issue, drove their anti-racist policy.

    1n 1917, in contrast to the Bolshevik policy of both class and race assimilation, the British government conspired with racist ideologist organizations that embraced Zionism as a colonial movement and the Balfour Declaration was issued:

    Statement issued by the British government in 1917, which is often seen as the initiation of the process leading to the establishment of the State of Israel.

    Issuing of the statement is believed to have been motivated just as much by British interests, as by the sympathy for the Zionist cause. At the eve of the World War I Britain needed the support from the World Jewry, which had been neutral, and which represented a large part of the population of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The declaration was drafted with the help of US President, Woodrow Wilson, who was a strong supporter of Zionism.

    Secondly, Britain saw the need to protect the sea route to India, which passed through the Suez Canal, upon which much of Britain’s economy relied. In accordance with the spirit of the time which emphasized the “self-determination of small nations”, supporting Zionism would be the easiest way to secure lasting British influence in the region east of the Canal, especially because the Levant had been Ottoman until 1917.
    Lord Rothschild, to whom the letter was addressed, was a leading British Zionist. The Encyclopedia of the Orient.

    The declaration proclaimed “Palestine” as a homeland for Jews.

    1920: The United States leads counter-revolutionary forces in the invasion of the Soviet Union:

    “Beginning in 1920 Allied armies led by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, seeking to prevent the spread of Communism or Russia’s exit from the war effort, attempted to invade the Soviet Union and support forces hostile to the Bolsheviks with the intention of overthrowing the Soviet regime.”

    These royalist and capitalist nation’s intent was to overthrow the first anti-capitalist, antiracist nation on earth. This social-economic policy was anathema to both the imperialist designs on the world and counter to the racist Christian ideology best known as Kipling’s White Man’s Burden, the racist, paternalistic aftermath of the European-American slave trade.

    In the early 1940’s the United States entered WWII against the nation of Japan through an aggressive and hostile US trade relations policy with Japan that Japan regarded as acts of war. Pearl Harbor was the Japanese response.

    In a war to “save the world from Fascism” a new strain of international US foreign policy was birthed and a new world war would be its result.

    1945: Despite ongoing attempts by the royalist government of Japan to negotiate surrender to the United States visa via the Soviet Union the United States chose to end the war through force and to launch the “Cold War,” World War III:

    On the morning of August 6, 1945 the United States Army Air Forces dropped the nuclear weapon “Little Boy” on the city of Hiroshima, followed three days later by the detonation of the “Fat Man” bomb over Nagasaki, Japan.

    Its was the declaration of war by the now industrialized United States, its capitalist-imperialist colonial policy against the USSR and Communist China and the colonized 3rd World. The USSR, the People’s Republic of China and the people of the 3rd Word were put on notice that the US would now contain both the socialist and national liberation movements. They would do so through the use of thermonuclear warfare if necessary, as Henry Kissinger would do when he so threatened “North Vietnam” on behalf of Richard Nixon during 1969-1972. (See a history of US nuclear threat)

    1948: The US and British nations led the European elitists in enacting the Zionist colonial plan for Palestine. A religious, racially separatist state named Israel became a reality. The pro-assimilation vision of internationalist socialist Zionist, movement, (Labor Zionist,) died still-born.

    Despite the dual state proclamation of the United Nations it was clear that a Zionist ideologist, colonial state set amidst Islamic driven, anti-colonialism and the growing national liberation movements in the 3rd World would be doomed to war.

    But in was in the long term, vested interests of the growing Corporate State that it establish a military outpost in the midst of the Petroleum Gold Mine of the world. The confluence of US led capitalist-imperialism, Conevangelical supremacist Christianity and Zionism engaged the native populations of the Middle East in what had been predicted:

    An unrelenting mutual terrorist war of “acceptable collateral damage,” and “collective punishment.”

    The “Buck’ for this monstrous anti-humanitarian atrocity may pass through the hands of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, Zionist warriors, autocratic Arab royalists and Christian-fascist “End Timers,” but it ends right at the Harry “the buck stops here” Truman’s ancestral, prophetic desk. That is, at the desk of the CEO of the new CSA: The Corporate State of America.

    We may not be able to “fire” CEO George W. Bush, but we can impeach him and his Vice President for War, Dick Cheney, and try them and their allies as war criminals.
    -the end-

    © Michael O’McCarthy 07-30-06

  42. With the finest in American weaponry, can’t IAF tell the difference between a residential building and a rocket-launch? The truth is that trigger-happy soldiers fired, not once but TWICE on a building full of civilians. Supposing for a moment that it’s true that Hizbollah uses civilian human shields, Israel claims to be well aware of this, yet they fired anyway. Your rationalization is the same as the rapist who blames the victim for wearing a too-short skirt. “She was asking for it” Were those children asking for it? Your reasoning is clouded by hatred, and you are a disgrace to humanity.

  43. This is such bullshit.

    First of all, let’s establish a core concept or two.

    1. It was stupid to carve out a country for the JEWS of the world. Why did they need their own country after World War II? After the Holocaust, people around the world were sympathetic to the persecution of the Jews by Hitler and the Nazis. Jews could have been accepted wherever they were to live. A better idea would have been to simply make Jerusalem an international city, a center of peace where people of all faiths could visit and worship. Matter of fact, the United Nations should have moved their headquarters there. The areas outside of Jerusalem could have stayed the same and Jews in Europe and elsewhere could have emigrated there and mixed in with the local population if they desired instead of claiming the land and removing and pushing out the people who already inhabited the area.

    2. I don’t know about anyone else but the god I know and believe in is NOT a god of real estate and didn’t promise shit to anyone. Period. How insane to think of this as something godlike — to be exclusive to a race or group of people! Just like when people say GOD BLESS AMERICA or God allowed us to win a game or other horseshit like that. God is not a respecter of persons. There is no chosen people or race. The only way the Jews were chosen is that Jesus needed to be born into an area of people that had the closest concept of a single godhead so that the message of Jesus might be more easily understood and accepted. That is, the only thing necessary for mortal salvation is to love God and love your fellow human being. That’s it! So this “God promised the land” and “chosen people” and other crap is pure bullshit and lies.

    So, moving on .. years ago I remember watching Benjamin Netanyahu on CNN’s Crossfire and witnessed how he didn’t give a crap about killing Palestinians because all that was important was establishing settlements and pushing out the non-Jews. I could see that he was one of the most evil men in the world and how his policy and attitude would cause great problems for both Israel and the rest of the world. I was much a much younger man then, but I could see plain as day what an asshole he truly was (is). Well, Netanyahu is doing it again. He’s like Dick Cheney — evil to the core and running things behind the scenes. He’s the main person pushing the neocon and Zionist agenda — he doesn’t care who lives or dies as long as the Jewish nation continues to expand and push out all the Palestinians.

    Bottom line — the good Israelis need to overthrow the Likud and Orthodox cancers in their government and create a single state and convert Jerusalem to an International city.

  44. I can only assume Israelis are like Americans in their feelings that their leaders are plain-old idiots; frozen-in-time war-whores hell-bent on upholding the tenets of their fathers’ worlds.

  45. Comment to: Comment by Paul Revere | July 31, 2006
    “1. It was stupid to carve out a country for the JEWS of the world.”:
    In my oppinion, the holocaust was only possible,
    because in this time there existed no state Isreal.
    On the other hand,
    the state Isreal is a fact now and not to diskuss.

    But the idea of jerusalem as a free independent city,
    a worldwide center for peace and a peacefull
    kulturall exchange between all religions
    is absolutely grate.
    But how can that be realised with
    Satyagraha — resistance through mass civil disobedience strongly founded upon ahimsa (total non-violence) ?
    And what will think the inhabitants of Jerusalem
    about this idea ?

  46. Caesar Augustus

    July 31, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    A little reminder to my Christian friends. The Arabs have a saying: Tomorrow, we take care of Saturday; the next day, we take care of Sunday.
    Once the Jews, worldwide, are dead and gone, you’re going to have to fight the Arabs to the death.
    But before Israel is wiped off the map, what do you think they’ll do with their nuclear arsenal?
    Think Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and substitute Teheran and Damascus. Maybe Riyahd, too.
    Maybe Munich, Paris, London, New York…

  47. We have a President who has turned his Middle Eastern foreign policy over to a guy who is an accidental Prime Minister, himself, no military experience in running, much less fighting a war. Bush, the great delegator, is very content to allow Israel to “handle it, handle it.” Unfortunately for him, he also has a Secretary of State whose out of her element and depth. Ronald Reagan proposed one of the more comprehensive and “balanced” peace plans in the early 80s. When Israel began aggressively “creating facts” in the West Bank and Gaza, their greed got the better part of them. The aggressive settlement policies of Israel has put more and more and more of their own citizens into harms way in the West Bank and Gaza. As they’ve pushed their settlement aggression, the opposition has increased. When they “resist [the impulse to stay within the bounds of their territorial gains from previous wars] and pushed hard into Gaza, the West Bank, and even into Lebanon, the resistance on the other side of that coin intensified.
    If the Americans are really “interested in seeing Israel attack Syria,,” then both the Israelis and Americans deserve whatever they bring down on themselves.
    It’s quite clear that at least in Amerika, our people (not me) think that American and Israeli, Christian and Jewish lives are more valuable that Arab or Muslim lives are.
    While not a Reagan supporter, Reagan was apparently the last American President with balls enough to separate our foreign policy from Israel’s, which has been joined at the hip far too long.
    Unfortunately, the Israeli Lobby in the U.S. is far more influential than the Muslim and Arab-American lobby. But, demographics clearly point to more and more Muslims (mostly African-American) and Arab-Americans entering the voting cadre. I hope that as that happens, like other minority groups, they begin to claim more political positions. Starting at local levels, but rising into the House first, perhaps the Senate, later, if Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans enter politics, we’ll begin to hear the truth about Siamese Twin Foreign Policy, and also, the consequences of flat out supporting Israel, bar none.
    The Israelis have brought these consequences on themselves by their land greed. Sort of like: Lebensram under Hitler. Greed for more and more land, and oppressive occupation of the West Bank and Gaza have contributed to this mess.
    I will support any Democrat, Green or Socialist candidate who advocates a firmer “even-handedness” so far as Middle Eastern foreign policy.
    The core of that switch would be based on the view that Arab and Muslim lives are as valuable as American and Israeli; Christian and Jewish lives.
    There’s no way the U.S. can deny that imbalance now. The President and Congress’ butt kissing the Israeli Lobby, as well as the polls, simply show the contempt most Americans have for Arabs and Muslims.
    Hopefully, Arab and Muslim oil producing countries will assess a “fee” valuing Arab or Muslims lives at the tune of 1,000 barrels of oil per day, per killed Afghan, Iraqi, Lebanese, or Palestinian killed in the last month and a half. At 1,000, that means that 1,000,000 barrels of oil, per day, wouldn’t be pumped or shipped. And that means that Americans will see $4.00 or higher gallon price for gas.
    Americans, if nothing else, are greedy enough that that’ll piss them off. And if they get pissed off at that, and realize that there’s a connection between the ever rising cost of gasoline, and our carte blanche support for Israel, maybe they’ll “wise up” and demand more even-handedness.

  48. Roger H. Werner

    July 31, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    First let me say that I categorically oppose war and fighting as a means of resolving conflict. Let me also say that the situation as it presently exists in the Middle East is enormously complicated and the fault for the current conflict may be laid at the feet of many. I should also stress that I consider myself progressive and slightly left of liberal. A few of the guilty: Iran, Syria, Israel, Hezbollah and groups like it, UN, UK, France, EU, USA, and much of the rest of the world that views fighting as a way to gain advantage over political and or economic adversaries. I dare say my list covers most of the world.

    However one cares to parse out blame we are in a shooting situation. People are dying and a country is being laid to waste namely Lebanon. When looking at this horribly tragic affair I am forced to crass realism and it is often inconsistent with my ideals but then only a fool ignores reality—the what is–in favor of the ought to be—and from what I see in the progressive-liberal media this is what has been happening. Hezbollah has been poking their finger in the eye of Israel for years and this time Israel justifiably struck back but perhaps disproportionately to the original Hezbollah offense—namely the kidnapping of two Israeli citizens on Israel soil. We should examine the disproportionalality of the Israeli response since it will also provide insight to the likelihood of a near term cession of hostilities. In my opinion, anyone who believes Israel will stop this fight without the total disarmament or Hezbollah and the destruction of their military capability is living in a dream world.

    If one considers the present Israeli situation it seems clear to me that they have backed themselves into a difficult corner. Their decades old mistreatment of Palestinians coupled with blanket US support for such activities has rather hardened much of the Muslim world to an anti-western stance and statements by either party suggesting Israel does not want more killing has fallen on a deaf ear. Frankly, all things considered in the Middle East such statements probably lack credibility with Muslims and may ring hallow in the world beyond US and Israeli borders.

    Whether one supports Hezbollah or opposes them (I abhor any group that embraces terrorism as a mean to gain an objective), their political and military objective is clear and happens correspond with an objective expressed by Hamas in Gaza; both groups and their political positions are backed by an Iranian government that has publicly called the Holocaust a sham and for the removal of Israel from the Middle East. It so happens that Iran also supplies both Hezbollah and Hamas with much of their military, moral, and political support.

    Hezbollah has effectively attached an Israeli warship off the coast of Lebanon and launched missiles from 15 to 50 miles into Israel. Iran has a developing nuclear capability and they appear more than willing to provide their protégé organization Hezbollah with whatever they need to attack Israel from the north while Hamas ferments unrest and difficulties in the south. The conflicts in Palestine effective remove the spotlight from Iran while they continue to develop whatever it is they are trying to develop—regardless of what the Iranian government may claim, I believe they are developing nuclear weapons since there is no other logical purpose for their nuclear program (I do not buy the national pride argument).

    Israel is now engaged in the same type of war that the US finds itself in…Fighting a well-armed militia in a countryside full of sympathetic civilians and with an adversary that is more than willing and capable of sacrificing civilians for what they perceive to be a greater good…namely the weakening and ultimate destruction of Israel. Nothing said here is obtuse in anyway as various Israeli opponents have made their goals known and they have nothing to do with regaining land, human rights, or anything else. Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran (possibly Syria and other Muslim states) want Israel out of Palestine. Period!

    We might argue for sometime the reasonableness and righteousness of Israel’s presence in Palestine but let’s focus on reality: Israel is in Palestine and they are not leaving! The Jewish people have a long history of going down fighting to the last person and of, if I may use a cliché, cutting of their nose to spite their face. This historical perspective should be a major concern to the world at large since it is clear that Israel possess nuclear weapons and is likely prepared to use them if their existence if threatened…and make no mistake my guess is that right now Israel perceives its very existence threatened. Anyone may review the public record: A representative of the Israeli government publicly stated last year that Israel would not allow Iran to develop a nuclear capability. Is anyone reading this aware of Israel making ideal threats? I am not but if they have do please enlighten me. What makes this conflict different from previous Middle East wars involving Israel and Palestine? Namely it is the Iranians. The government of Iran is rather different from previous Israel adversaries namely that they are religiously focused not secular. Their view of war is one of jihad but if it also accomplishes worthwhile political objectives, such is God’s will. Such adversaries are unpredictable and therefore very dangerous. A purely secular adversary is unlikely to attempt anything that would ultimately result in his or her own self-destruction. Not so a religiously motivated adversary that embraces martyrdom.

    Hezbollah and (and to a lesser extent Hamas) and Iran are inextricably linked politically and militarily. Considering Hezbollah’s recently demonstrated military capability can anyone with a realistic perspective believe that Israel is simply going to stop fighting and return to the status quo? Any such belief in my opinion is simply unrealistic. In my opinion, Israel will continue to pound southern Lebanon until Hezbollah moves out…how likely is that? I would say about as likely as Israel’s halting their fighting. In short, we have reached no turning points, and no quantity of civilian deaths can force one; in fact, I do not believe there can be a turning point in this fight. What is needed is a comprehensive Middle East settlement that is forced on the various parties by the world at large but do not hold your breath since this is not likely. Thus, we will see continued fighting and a likely escalation and the world may blame its ineffective collective leadership. If the fighting extends over a long period do not rule out Israel crippling Iran. They have I believe the means and certainly the historically demonstrated willingness to proactively respond to perceived threats to their existence.

    I hope that my dire predictions are off base and it would certainly be useful for someone with more experience in the Middle East than I (I have been to Israel several times and know something of its history) to offer a meaningful prognosis of this situation. I suppose I am disgusted reading the admonitions of the hawks to fight (to what end is never fully articulated but to such people fighting—when someone else is doing it—is better than not) and the unrealistic hopes of the left that fighting will stop at any time (civilian causalities is the theme often cited as the reason why the fighting must stop). What we need more than anything right now is a dose of reality supported by leaders willing to make tough decisions, and, if necessary enforcing them not by fighting but by a total economic embargo. I do understand that this is probably unfeasible given the world’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil but it is better than any alternative with which I am aware.

  49. Israel is carpet bombing civilian populations.

    Attacking non-combatants is terrorism whether it is carried out by a suicide bomber or by the Israeli Defense Force.

    No more of our tax dollars for Israeli occupation and terrorism!

  50. Israel is a terrorist state, no question about it. Mel Gibson got it right: All the Zionists want are bloody wars.

  51. The bombing of Qana brings an end to the holocaust arguement. Israel is a rabid war machine that has been killing arabs in their country for 6 decades. It is time the world brought the Israeli war machine to its knees.

  52. Ceaser Julius

    July 31, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    Caesar Augustus is an idiot. A large number of arabs (eg. Lebanon) ARE Christians!
    What an absolute jerk!

  53. Problem Solver

    July 31, 2006 at 5:54 pm

    There is an easy solution to all this. Since Israel is ‘mideasts only democracy(!)’, lets give the palestinians the right of return.

  54. The world condemns Israel action. The UN Security Council is in emergency session – Secretary General Kofi Annan has condemned Israeli action. The UK ambassador there calls it

  55. Nobody seems to have addressed the real problem: religion.

    We will never be safe until we rid ourselves of this irrational need for a “Superdaddy” who will take care of us and promise us that we won’t really die.

    We are killing each other over ideas that exist only in our heads. Isn’t it time we grew up?

  56. Israel has let itself be played like a fiddle by Hezbol

    No, only simple minded people, like yourself. You have to know, and every anti-semitic who blasts America and Israel, that Hizbollah intentionally uses civilians as sheilds. They know the media and those apt to beleive the propaganda will do their bidding. NO MERCEY!!! We win by beatting them, NO Wars do not end with negotiations! They end when there is a winner. We didn’t poll the Japanese, we didn’t run out and show all the babies and women killed. We didn’t talk about the insurgents in Germany being freedom fighters. We killed them and brought them to their Knees. Can you actually argue that the world is not better off now or should we have just let the Nazi’s have 1/2 of Europe, in a negotiation?

  57. Zinovi Golodner

    July 31, 2006 at 6:48 pm

    If, god forbid, sixty women and children were killed by a Hizb. rocket, on the streets of Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza candies would be handed out (we saw it on Dept. 12), and the rest of the world would not make a peep about it.
    It is when cowardly Hizballah sacrifices its children the Israelis take the blame.

  58. As Lebanese become increasingly angered by Israel’s tactics, Hezbollah appears to be growing in popularity.

    A recent poll by the Beirut Centre for Research recorded that 87% of Lebanese from all sects supported the “resistance’s fight against Israeli aggression on Lebanon”.

    Nasrullah must be saying “Thanks you, Olmert”!


  60. Perhaps we should just make the Middle East an official Free-fire Zone, and permit all religious zealots to slash, burn, kill and maim, in the name of their all-loving and wise gods.

    Since everyone is so concerned with the world of old, however, killing must be restricted to hand-held weapons- and no firearms.

    The truly devout would be glad to personally abuse his/her enemies face-to-face, rather than send our kids and the kids of others to do their dirty work for them, . . right?

  61. Zinovi Golodner says “If, god forbid, sixty women and children were killed by a Hizb. rocket… the rest of the world would not make a peep about it.”

    On the contrary, Israeli would shout ‘anti-semetic’, ‘holocaust repeated’, ‘poor innocent israelis’, and would suck another 10 billion dollars out of the US.

    It is only when Israel massacres thousands of Arabs as in Sabra that the world does not make a peep about it.

  62. Miller Savant

    July 31, 2006 at 7:00 pm


    ANSWER: That’s because Israeli’s can only drop bombs from the sky on women and children, when it comes to land combat, they drop the cameras and run like cowards!

    Comment by

  63. A protracted colonial war

    With US support, Israel is hoping to isolate and topple Syria by holding sway over Lebanon

    Tariq Ali / Thursday July 20, 2006 / The Guardian

    In his last interview – after the 1967 six-day war – the historian Isaac Deutscher, whose next-of-kin had died in the Nazi camps and whose surviving relations lived in Israel, said: “To justify or condone Israel’s wars against the Arabs is to render Israel a very bad service indeed and harm its own long-term interest.” Comparing Israel to Prussia, he issued a sombre warning: “The Germans have summed up their own experience in the bitter phrase ‘Man kann sich totseigen!’ ‘You can triumph yourself to death’.”

    In Israel’s actions today we can detect many of the elements of hubris: an imperial arrogance, a distortion of reality, an awareness of its military superiority, the self-righteousness with which it wrecks the social infrastructure of weaker states, and a belief in its racial superiority. The loss of many civilian lives in Gaza and Lebanon matters less than the capture or death of a single Israeli soldier. In this, Israeli actions are validated by the US.

    The offensive against Gaza is designed to destroy Hamas for daring to win an election. The “international community” stood by as Gaza suffered collective punishment. Dozens of innocents continue to die. This meant nothing to the G8 leaders. Nothing was done.

    Israeli recklessness is always green-lighted by Washington. In this case, their interests coincide. They want to isolate and topple the Syrian regime by securing Lebanon as an Israeli-American protectorate on the Jordanian model. They argue this was the original design of the country. Contemporary Lebanon, it is true, still remains in large measure the artificial creation of French colonialism it was at the outset – a coastal band of Greater Syria sliced off from its hinterland by Paris to form a regional client dominated by a Maronite minority.

    The country’s confessional chequerboard has never allowed an accurate census, for fear of revealing that a substantial Muslim – today perhaps even a Shia – majority is denied due representation in the political system. Sectarian tensions, over-determined by the plight of refugees from Palestine, exploded into civil war in the 1970s, providing for the entry of Syrian troops, with tacit US approval, and their establishment there – ostensibly as a buffer between the warring factions, and deterrent to an Israeli takeover, on the cards with the invasions of 1978 and 1982 (when Hizbullah did not exist).

    The killing of Rafik Hariri provoked vast demonstrations by the middle class, demanding the expulsion of the Syrians, while western organisations arrived to assist the progress of a Cedar Revolution. Backed by threats from Washington and Paris, the momentum was sufficient to force a Syrian withdrawal and produce a weak government in Beirut.

    But Lebanon’s factions remained spread-eagled. Hizbullah had not disarmed, and Syria has not fallen. Washington had taken a pawn, but the castle had still to be captured. I was in Beirut in May, when the Israeli army entered and killed two “terrorists” from a Palestinian splinter group. The latter responded with rockets. Israeli warplanes punished Hizbullah by dropping over 50 bombs on its villages and headquarters near the border. The latest Israeli offensive is designed to take the castle. Will it succeed? A protracted colonial war lies ahead, since Hizbullah, like Hamas, has mass support. It cannot be written off as a “terrorist” organisation. The Arab world sees its forces as freedom fighters resisting colonial occupation.

    There are 9,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli gulags. That is why Israeli soldiers are captured. Prisoner exchanges have occurred as a result. To blame Syria and Iran for Israel’s latest offensive is frivolous. Until the question of Palestine is resolved and Iraq’s occupation ended, there will be no peace in the region. A “UN” force to deter Hizbullah, but not Israel, is a nonsensical notion.

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