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10 IDF Reserve Soldiers Killed in Rocket Barrage

10 IDF Reserve Soldiers were killed less then the hours ago as they gathered to attend an orientation conference at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, north of the town of Kiryat Shmona. The men, who were standing in an open parking area, at the Kibbutz entrance, apparently had no advanced warning that the missiles were coming their way. They had arrived to attend the conference for the purpose of receiving full orientation regarding the military operations still in progress in southern Lebanon in units they had been assigned to join. Another reservist was critically wounded and four others received medium injuries.

The event, the worst tragedy that has happened to Israelis since the 26 day old conflict has begun, occurred in broad daylight, like so many other rocket attacks in Israel’s northern sectors. More than 150 Katyusha rockets have fallen so far today. Many of them struck other parts of Israel’s Galilee ‘panhandle’; including Kiyat Shmona, and a Golan Heights Druze village, Magdal Shams.

Scores of emergency vehicles, including police units, ambulances, fire Brigade units, and special terror fighting vehicles were on the scene within minutes. But for most of the above mentioned victims, help arrived too late.

Israeli government ministers and spokesmen, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, are reviewing all aspects of the tragedy, before making a formal statement. Questions are already being raised as to why the reservists had gathered in an open area prior to attending the conference, despite previous warnings to not be so exposed, due to so many rockets already falling in this area. Another question is why no warning siren had been sounded in time to give the men at least a chance to dash to the safety of a shelter.

The government’s call for reprisal action is likely to be forthcoming. One wonders, however, what further action can be done in addition to the present on-going military operations still in progress in Southern Lebanon by IDF ground and air units to eliminate further catastrophes as this from occurring again.

“It still appears that despite intense IDF military actions to take out Hezbollah missile launching sites, this organization still appears to have the ability to continue launching their missiles at will”, Channel 2 ‘on the scene’ reporter commented.

Hezbollah leaders have reportedly said, they only honor a cease fire if “all enemy troops leave Lebanon at once”. This will unlikely happen until, some kind of international ‘buffer force’ arrives to patrol the Southern Lebanese areas formerly held by the Hezbollah.

Israel’s casualty list (both military and civilian) of those killed in this conflict has now surpassed 75. Though much smaller than the number of Lebanese casualties, it is still ranks as the largest number of deaths in recent times, and by far the largest number of civilian deaths, outside of terrorist attacks. This incident is a definite reminder that the conflict is far from over, and that Israelis will have to understand that what is needed to persevere is same fortitude as noted by Winston Churchill during WWII: “Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Tears.”


  1. dude. this is still censored for a reason.

  2. Kindly tell me what was left out? As it has turned out at least 3 others were seriously wounded – 2 are extremely critical. More than 13 others were taken to hospital with light to medium wounds, mostly attributed to those little steel ball that are packed around the explosive charge of the ‘payload’ to guarantee maximum injuries to population centers.

    Many of these guys were husbands and fathers, who won’t ever be going home again, leaving several families devestated and without their major breadwinner.

    Again, what do you considered as censored, DUDE?

  3. Body count is up to 12 now. Haifa just got hit hard again.

    The shit is starting to stick even harder!

  4. MPicow, slow down and don’t attack! We are on the same side here! Perhaps I should have been more clear. The fact that the dead were soldiers was not cleared for publication when this post went up earlier today. It takes time to notify all of the families and isn’t right to advertise the fact that they were soldiers until the media censor gives the go ahead.

  5. Sorry, A!

    The info was already ‘on the street’ when I posted this, courtesy of CNN, Star, Fox, and of course, our wonderful local media, who don’t waste any time covering a breaking news event.

    BTW, I’v been living here for 30 years, and can remember when military related news was definitely censored. Cell phones and the internet has changed all of this however; as well as something called ‘free press’. The government, and military don’t seem to have anyway to prevent news leaks.

    Regarding the families, no names were mentioned, as none had been given. Families probably knew about it immediately as well – they just probably didn’t know who was alive and who wasn’t till a bit later – unless a close friend at the scene madea phone call, etc.

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