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Who’s’ dream is it anyway?

“Parents today want their kid to be famous” explains Moni Mushonov on the beginning of the new documentary series, horei
hachalomot (“parents of dreams”)
. The show focuses on kids and their parents on their journey to fame (or their failure to do so). It’s unclear who is the stronger force here; the children that aspire to become famous and admired or the parents that are fulfilling their childhood fantasies thru their kids. Either way the program portrays a very disturbing reality: pushing parents, talented kids and a lot of dreams of becoming rich and famous.

Here are some of the main characters:

Liraz and Lidia Lantzman – Liraz is a 14 year old boy, dreaming of appearing in a Hanukah play. His mother
is he’s number one fan and escorts him to all his auditions.

Izchak and Avraham Tzimerman– Avraham is a stay-at-home dad. He dedicates all his time to educating his kids to excellence. His son plays the violin at least 5 hours a day, even if that means missing school.

Daniel Levi and Ya-Ya – Daniel is only nine and a half years old but has already preformed in 2 plays, wrote a children’s book and modeled for a fashion company. She’s now recording a disc of her own. Her grandmother Ya-Ya supports her and makes sure Daniel doe’s all her homework between her recording sessions.

I found the series interesting, eye opening and mainly worrying. I hope channel 2 that chose to air this show, will also learn something from it.
(Horei hachalomot, Monday, 21:00, channel 2)

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  1. Thanks for raising this disturbing issue.
    I was terribly concerned by this program. These kids were seemed abused by their parents’ dreams to make money and fame. These parents were focusing on their own dreams rather than paying attention to their kids’ real needs and inspirations.
    Although the TV program was somewhat one-sided — it made an important point.

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