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Not Jewish?! What are you doing here? (Part 17 – Farewell)

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And so it happened that two weeks after our first meeting in the Golden Bar, I packed up my things, crossed Tel Aviv and moved in with Sa’ar into his small apartment in the quiet leafy streets on the northern side of the city, and after a day or two was already repainting the walls and throwing out half the stuff he had hoarded in his cupboards.

Another year after that and I finally managed to get him to move out of the place and into a light-filled renovated apartment on Dizengoff Street. And just a year after that I find myself sitting in that same apartment – tonight right now as I write these words — surrounded by boxes, the bookshelf bare and waiting to be moved to his parents and a big dusty empty space where the fridge once stood before some dodgy guy our landlord knows came to pick it up today, and soon I’m going to have to pack up the computer too ready for another move and before I do that I’m sitting here thinking about how on earth I’m going to sum up the last three years with Sa’ar.

Sa’ar, who as it turns out was actually a famous singer, which is Israel seems to entitle every person on the street to stare at him, point at him or yell out his name from passing cars (and I thought being blonde was bad) Sa’ar with his beautiful warm, eccentric family, his Orthodox sister who “refound” religion and with whom I found my picture appear in gossip magazines as we went hand in hand into nightclubs (the evidence of which I would show here were I not so horribly unphotogenic) and Sa’ar who last month was offered a job in London.

And so we are going to London….and this time for real…


  1. So now, luv, it’s really time to ask – what are you
    doing here??

  2. is that it? Is this is the end of the blog? I am so sad… and are you really going to London? I just wanted to tell you how much I related to your story, being an israeli woman who followed the wrong man to Vancouver only to break up with him, and three years later (just when i was ready to go back to Israel) fell madly in love with another Canadian man. Evem funnier, lately we both have been entertaining the thought of moving to Israel. Anyways, lots of luck in London for you two. Hope to hear some more from you in the future.

  3. Hey!

    I came here from the USA 30 years ago and married an
    Israeli woman.

    I’m still asking myself what I’m doing here!

  4. Although we will miss your spirited blogs(hope you can do some
    writing from London)We wish you both the best of luck in London,
    I am sure you deserve some rest from hectic Israel.

  5. Is this truly the end of your blod? If so, Sa’ar should take up where you leave off: An Israeli Rock Star!? What are you doing in London?

  6. That’s reelin ’em in, good catch! (and that’s to both of you) I’m sure Mum is relieved. I picked up a little victorian paradise painting at a Good-Will store a few months back, the words upon which seem so appropriate now:

    PASSION: Love is the passionate dance between two HEARTS. It is to believe in the dream, and TOGETHER make it happen.

    Many blessings and thanks for sharing your passion. I too, hope you’ll send us an update from London; perhaps a Holiday greeting? We’ll miss you! Prayers for a safe journey and a beautiful “next chapter”.

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