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Wild West Nahariya

Nahariya BoardwalkAs if Katyusha Rockets weren’t enough, it seems as though the northern resort town of Nahariya is turning into the Wild West of Israel. Early Tuesday morning two fragmentation grenades were cast upon the house of Nahariya Mayor Jacki Sabag. Another grenade was thrown at about the same time on the house of a local police detective. At the time of the events, Mayor Sabag was home with his wife and daughter. Both incidents ended with no casualties, but the houses were damaged.

Police officials speculated that the motive for the casting of the grenades was to threaten and scare Mayor Sabag. One assumption is that the event was an attempt to try to influence the results of coming tenders that the city council was going to announce soon.

More than 20 hand grenades were thrown in the streets of Nahariya in the past six years. Last incident was eight months ago, when a grenade was tossed into a pub on the city’s promenade resulting in five injured people.

Did national crime organizations find their way in to the quiet northern city? I really hope that they did not. Where else in Israel can you find a city, that its main road is divided by a river? That in summer time you can ride carriages pulled by horses? A city where drivers actually stop to let people cross the street?

In the name of the citizens of Nahariya and the neighboring towns (Kibbutzim, Moshavim, Kfarim and more) I am appealing to the local and national criminals and grenade tossers: We are still trying to recover from the recent Lebanon war. If you have any unfinished businesses with anyone, we would really appreciate if you try to solve them legally, quietly and peacefully, like most people do. We don’t handle bombing sounds that well these days.


  1. I am afraid an appeal to hooligans and heartless criminals will
    not be enough to re-educate them or stop them. The better and
    more effective way will be to increase the police force,investigate
    these crimes and put these criminals in jail,otherwise nothing
    will change in Naharia and it will be a great pity.

  2. Looks like a beautiful little town. Jack is right, I hope there is a serious crack down and the criminals will be caught and locked up.
    Shalom to Nahariya!!!

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