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New Dead – Israel’s Future Drivers Race For Survival

This is a good one. The number of lethal accidents in Israel has risen although the number of accidents and number of injured has dropped. Shaul Mofaz the Minister of Transportation was recently criticized for his lack luster performance in driving much needed change in the horrific driving record of Israeli drivers. In a previous post the number of dead in accidents was discussed. When a new driver in Israel begins driving they get a Yellow sign to hang on the rear window that says “New Driver”. Moshik thinks it should be changed to “The New Dead”…

The New Dead

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  1. We may be looking at the funny side of the
    incredible death-war on Israeli roads,but
    there is no doubt in my mind that the typical
    Israeli attitude of “count on me” is evident
    here as well,isn’t anybody in the government
    going to do something about it.

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