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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Israeli soldier entertains Palestinian kids at the border. Who says soldiers aren’t humane?


  1. Now there was a moment. Not a “stupid” video at all, and a great proposal. Kids are so amazing. Kids just want to have fun!!!!
    Maybe these kids don’t have a T.V. tuned into Farfur or whatever the name of that copycat rat.

  2. Nice try,I wish our soldiers will always spend their time entertaining
    children instead of watching for terrorists.

  3. Heh! This is a good video indeed!

    I wish the media (on both sides of the conflict) would play this video, although in retrospect it might endanger the kids.

    Either way, it shows the humanity in all of us, and the humor (as well as hope) for both people on the side of the fence.

  4. Indeed, Farfur the mouse told his young Palestinian audience how to
    ‘react’ to Jewish soldiers – and civilians!

    What’s next? A Palestinian version of Disneyland?

    And what kind of ‘attractions’ will one find there?

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