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Peres Running Again – Run Forest Run …

Peres is running for President in place of Katzav (Mr. Schlong!). The question is, will he win? I mean Peres has a bad track record when it comes to winning anything really. Moshik! is wondering if he would win if he ran against himself…

Peres Running


  1. When I think of that photo of him with the binoculars and the authority this office really holds…Maybe it’s a match.

  2. Peres is a million times more worthy of the presidency than Katzav!
    I just cannot understand what does he need it for! he should sit
    at home and write some good books like he used to.

  3. No, Jack, I don’t agree!

    Peres needs this position (it’s like an elixer for him), and we need him in this position.

    He might be able to bring back some public trust and respect to
    the Presidency – Katsav nearly took all of this away with his sexual

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