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The Kabbalah Red String Wars

Red Kabbalah BraceletI just read this post on Defamer about Target and how its getting out of the Kabbalah Bracelet business. Apparently one angry email was all it took to fold Target..

An “activist” was disturbed that Target was selling the Kabbalah Center’s red string bracelets on their website and sent them a disapproving e-mail. And the retailer folded like Michael Moore showed up in the Housewares aisle with a bullhorn and a copy of the Center’s plans for world domination–the Kabbalah Red String is no longer available for purchase at or sold in their stores.

USA Today had this to say about Madonna and her “ties” to Kabbalah. She is the one at “fault” here. I am sure she and the people at the Kabbalah Center are planning to take over the world one celebrity at a time 🙂

Red String KabbalahThe 45-year-old pop priestess introduced Britney Spears to the discipline last year. This month she wrapped Red Strings around the wrists of David and Victoria Beckham.

I think its great that one little Red String can make so many people feel good about themselves while getting others all pissed off, all at the same time. I mean that in itself means the little Red String has some sort of powers. Then again I could be sitting here, wearing nothing but Red yarn as I am writing this … who knows.

Hat Tip: Lara Levi Kabbalah Jewelry


  1. well put,Madona should try and convert Tom cruise and get him
    to wear the red string, that will be her greatest conquest.

  2. Anything to get him and Kate away from Scientology!

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