Thanksgiving 2007Since the American holiday of Thanksgiving is a secular one, Israel really doesn’t have anything to compare with it, as all holidays in Israel, save that of Independence Day, are religious ones. There are no shortage of “turkeys” in the Jewish State, however. By that simile, I’m not referring to the stately bird that graced the table of millions of American homes on Thursday, allowing them to more than stuff themselves with an abundance of food and drink while watching an assortment of parades, sporting events, and other holiday activities. Nothing happening in this country can even compare to this American national event which has been in effect since U.S. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed in 1863 that the “forth Thursday in the month of November will be a day of thanksgiving for all the blessings that Almighty God has bestowed upon us”.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Putting all this aside for a moment, I’ll get back to the subject of turkeys, and not the aforementioned bird. The “turkeys” I am referring to are of the human kind and usually of a derogatory nature. If one were to look up this term in a modern, Israeli inspired “New Age” dictionary of the (American) English language, the appropriate definition would refer to a person who is (in Jewish Israeli terms) a bit of a frier or shmuck to put it bluntly. The reason this so pertains to what has been going on in Israel’s governmental leadership recently, particularly does so in regards to a so-called “peace summit” planned to begin in the U.S. State of Maryland on Monday, November 27. Harped for over two months already, this conference is billed as being the one to deal with a great many of the existing problems in the Middle East, especially concerning Israel and her Palestinian “neighbors”, such as they are.

Few people have much faith in what will be the result of this summit which may include some countries not having peaceful (let along diplomatic) relations with Israel. Israel’s leadership, especially the Prime Minister, seem to believe that great things will be accomplished, which brings me back again to the subject of turkeys. For all their rhetoric and supposedly good intentions, both Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni will most likely try to offer some incentives to make the conference end in some kind of success. Another interested party, the United States, is really interested in something good developing from this meeting, no matter what the consequences for Israel may be. But be that as it may, there may be a bunch of turkeys over there as well, as recent political and economic polls have indicated.

After the last few conferences, mostly hosted in Egypt by Egyptian President Husni Mubarak , not much, if anything has resulted from them. This also held true for earlier U.S. conferences including another one in Maryland in the year 2000. There were plenty of “turkeys” at that conference as well, including one, Israel’s present Defense Minister, who is slated to be at this one, in Annapolis.

We all better hope that there won’t be too many “foxes in the hen house” or turkey coupe as this case may be.