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Natan Dvir’s Photo of the Year

Natan DvirI read this great post on Lisa Goldman’s blog and as always it made me stop and think. I had to outright steal it and bring it here, hope she forgives me 🙂

I saw the Photo Journalism show last year in Tel Aviv and it was amazing. As a country that relatively to its size manufactures more News then probably any other, we have quite a lot to show. Check out the website for the exhibition Edut Mekomit.

The picture here by Natan Dvir won the award for Photo of Year. The man in the picture, 36 year old Na’im El’iam, is holding the body of his son at the Erez Checkpoint (into Gaza) waiting for fighting to stop so he can continue home. His infant son passed away at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv of heart disease.

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  1. It wouldn’t have to be this way if things wern’t as they are as noted in my article below. The Palestinians brought all thiw shit upon themselves!

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