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2007 Survivor Of The Year

OlmertFor those who have been watching Israel’s version of the successful American reality series, The Survivors, the vote has come in as to who is the most successful ‘survivor’ in Israel for the year 2007. And the winner is none other that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Just as those in the T.V. series have to survive the greatest tests of their endurance and tenacity, Mr. Olmert has certainly done this and has so far been able to out flank both his critics as well as the commissions appointed to investigate his alleged wrong doings.

For example, Olmert has managed to prevent the Winogard Commission, which has been set up to examine and conclude who was mainly responsible for the mistakes made during the 2006 war in Lebanon. Despite the evidence presented against him so far, Olmert has not only managed to prevent being voted out of office by the Knesset, his country’s parliament, he has even been able to get a majority of Knesset members on his side and prevent any parliamentary no confidence votes from bringing down the government.

Regarding his personal financial conduct, which was under investigation by both the country’s Attorney General Menny Mazuz, as well as the Israel Police, neither were able to put together a case strong enough to cause the prime minister any real harm. These investigations also included the well televised “Bank Leumi scandal” in which Olmert was suspected in taking bribes in favor of projects sponsored by the country’s largest bank. And just like some of the more unpopular members of The Survivors teams, he has not been voted out of the tribe – not yet anyway.

As the year 2007 draws to a close, the Prime Minister is becoming more and more involved with trying to make peace deals with people who are not really “partners”; and this is especially true of Palestinian leaders such as Mahmoud Abbas, as well as foreign heads of state such as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In fact, the more Mr. Olmert tries, the more he doesn’t seem to be successful. The only bright spot in his survival efforts appears to be his wife, Aliza, who is appearing more and more on T.V. recently, possibly in an effort to gloss over his inadequacies. Aliza seems have a lot going for her, and may be his ultimate salvation in the coming year, 2008. There is an old saying that wives often act as a counter balance to their husband’s idiosyncrasies, and the soft spoken Aliza, a social worker by profession who is also an avid amateur photographer, has been seen involved in a number of projects dealing with disadvantaged people, especially children.

Whether of not this will help save her husband’s political career is not certain at this time, and as we get into the New Year, events may be just too much for even a clever maneuveror like Mr. Olmert. His own Kadima Party members who still appear to have some loyalty towards him my eventually decide to save their own futures; and like the teams on The Survivors, may decide to vote against their leader and force him to leave their political “island”.


  1. WE should all hope that “vote” happens as soon as possible!

  2. Olmert is not the first Israeli prime minister suspected of bribery, influence paddling and criminal activities. 3 other Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Areil Sharon who preceded him were also accused of corruption, influence paddling and criminal activities.

    Israel’s economy is under the influence of a handful of families who, like robber barons, rob public assets, utilities and national resources, all with the help of corrupt officials and ministers like Olmert. Israel is an example of Culture of Corruption under the guise of Democracy. Major criminal investigations and corruption cases against the Elite Club of Politicians, Bureaucrats & Politicians are frozen by a lack of will on the part of who are governing Israel.

    Israeli Leadership is a Organized Gang with hardly any feelings for their own Public. The proof is 34% Israeli children live in poverty and 20% of its population live below poverty line. Israel is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap. It is a failed state who can not solve its territory dispute or is not willing to give up the Palestine Land it has colonized for last 40 years. 3.5 million Arab Muslims who live in the Israeli occupied land has no voting Rights still Israel prefers to call itself a Democracy!
    Israeli’s Organized Leadership want the whole world to talk 24/7 about the holocaust in which 5 million (an inflated figure) Jews were killed by Hitler to gain sympathy may be for their current corrupt, criminal and racist deeds including illegal colonization of Palestine Land with 3.5 million Arab Muslim Slaves. It is an irony no one including the Indians themselves talks about more than 4 million Indian Bengali victims who perished in 1940 Bengal famine under inhuman British Rule. The Britishers have yet to tender a formal apology or regret or any help to those families whose members died in famine.

    This Culture of Corruption by Israeli organized Leadership has penetrated America in a big way with their control of Wall Street, Main Stream Media, Real Estate, Hollywood and Politics. Under this leadership New Jersey is probably the most corrupt & racist state in the world. This state in 8,000 sq miles has more than 1 Elected Politician & 50 Employees per Square Miles for 8.5 Million residents under 588 Gangs (governments) in 566 Racially segregated towns.

    New Jersey is legally corrupt & legally racially segregated under the Israeli/Jewish rulers & their cronies. Every one knows Jews are allowed dual citizenship in America; they can serve in Israeli Army and can vote in their elections also. Personally I consider such a privileged class with divided loyalties. It’s current Jewish governor Jon Corzine who created a history by buying US Senate seat for $64 million & then spends another $85 million to dump it; is again in the news. Corzine gave $6million to Carla Katz a state labor union leader to sleep with her on the bed of public interest. He also rewarded Stuart Rabner who saw him buying votes to become governor with the Supreme Court Chief Justice’s position for the rest of his life.

    Dave Makkar

  3. Hi Dave,

    Judging from the text of your article, I am presuming two things:

    1. You yourself live in New Jersey
    2. You are a descendent of Indians from the Bengal region of India
    3. You definitely don’t know much about everyday life in the “corrupt” state of Israel that is alleged to be “holding” 3.5
    million Arab Muslims as slaves. That’s a bit absurd, don’t you think?

    Israel may have some problems, but so do a lot of other countries, including the USA. As for the State of New Jersey, anyone who has watched The Sopranos TV series knows what kind of people live there!
    And as far as corruption goes, the Mafia knows how to “influence” politicians big time!

    If you have never been to Israel, I invite to come and see what is going on for yourself.

  4. Dear Maurice, thanks for the offer I have no intentions of visiting Israel because the conditions in NJ are like I am living in some occupied terrirory not in America. By the way I am not from Bengal rather I am from Punjab near state capital Delhi.


    During the inhuman British colonization approximately 25 major famines struck India between 1876-1943; spread through states such as Tamil Nadu in South, Bihar in north and Bengal in the east. Altogether between 30-40 million Indians were the victims of famines in the latter half of the 19th century under the atrocious & barbaric British Rule.

    In the famine of 1876-1879 alone more than 20 million Indians died in India. Again in the famine of 1896-1902 almost 10 million died of starvation. All due to the indifferent attitude to the fate of starving Indians and incompetence as well as refusal of British Rulers to help the starving Indians.

    British Ruler’s inhuman attitude towards human life became more visible in the 1943 Bengal Famine in which almost 4 million Bengali Indians died. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister at that time. The famine occurred under his own watch. His knowledge and involvement in the severe human sufferings of millions remains a mystery till to-date. In a response to an urgent request by the Secretary of State for India , Leo Amery and Wavell to release food stocks for India , Winston Churchill responded with a telegram to Wavell’s asking, if food was so scarce, “why Gandhi hadn’t died yet.”

    During the famine Churchill was more concerned with the civilians of Greece; who were also suffering from a famine compared with the Bengali Indians. In the end Churchill did ask for US assistance, writing to Roosevelt that he was “no longer justified in not asking for aid” but FDR’s response was negative. It was very unfortunate on the part of Democrat President Roosevelt to show least concern for the lives of millions of Bengali Indians against the very principle of American philosophy, “Liberty & Justice to all.”

    In 1945 the official British Famine Inquiry Commission deliberately suppressed the 1943 Bengal Famine’s death toll at about 1.5 million Indians. Years later in 1974, W R Aykroyd who was a member of the British Inquiry Commission and was primarily responsible for this under estimation, conceded that the figures were an underestimate. W R Akroyd gave a very silly explanation, “I now think it (the death toll) was an under-estimate, especially in that it took little account of roadside deaths”. Where as fact of the matter is close to 4 million Bengali Indians died in the 1943 Famine.

    It is an irony no Indian especially the Bengalis have ever talked about for 4 million Bengali victims including new born children who were starved to death in 1943 Bengal famine under inhuman, atrocious and cruel British Rule. No Indian has ever talked about 30-40 million Indians who died in different famines during 1876-1943 under the British Colonial Rule.

    Where as every where Organized Jewish Leadership wants the whole world to talk 24/7 and feel guilty about the holocaust in which 5 million (an inflated figure) Jews were killed by Hitler rather than their illegal colonization of Palestine Land. This Leadership does not wish to address misreably failed socio, economics & political policies of Israel and its illegal colonization of Palestine Land with 3.5 million Arab Muslim as Slaves for the last 40 years.

    Jewish’s Leadership around the world is an exclusive Organized Club with hardly any feelings for any other as well as their own community. The proof is 34% Israeli children live in poverty and 20% of its population live below poverty line; an individual making less than $400/month and a family of 4 making less than $1,000.00/month. The accumulated wealth of 500 richest people is around $65 billion in contrast to Israel ’s GDP of $130 Billion and National Budget of $65 Billion. Israel is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap. It is an economically, socially and politically failed state who can not solve its socio-economic, political problems including its Land dispute with Palestine since 1967. This Land Israel has colonized for last 40 years; 3.5 million Arab Muslims lives there with no voting Rights. Still Jews around the world call Israel a Democracy!

    This Organized Leadership is besides promoting a Culture of Moral & Ethical Corruption every where in the world is governing Israel with guns & bombs to glorify their illegal confiscation of Palestine Land . To hide all of this they want the entire world to live in the past that Jews were massacred by Hitler so they deserve every one’s sympathy.

    They want the whole world to feel guilty about holoucast, the words spoken by Arun Gandhi is no exaggeration. Indians around the world & Indian Government should be ashamed of them selves for not standing up with Arun Gandhi who has been forced out of M K Institute for Non- violence by the Jewish Leadership for making this honest comment. This institute was founded in America 17 years ago by Arun Gandhi to spread the ideals of Father of the Indian nation; Mahatama Gandhi who happens to be his grandfather. It is gross injustice to Arun Gandhi and assault on Freedom of Free Speech Right in America; who call it self the champion of Democracy, liberty and human Rights.

    Can the preachers of Liberty, Justice and Peace to all; pay attention to the injustice to Arun Gandhi and the 40 year old blood soaked ongoing territorial dispute between Israel & Palestine; which is threatening Peace and Liberty of other humans around the world? How can we forget that this conflict has given birth to Human Bombs, status of Leaders to Terrorist, Separatist and Jihadis around the world?

    God Bless United States of America and every human on earth.

    Dave Makkar

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