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Who is Barack Obama

I read the comments and emails that came in and I agree. This isn’t right and I can’t back any of this up.
The Post has been removed !

The Urban Legend is at


  1. You should have provided a link to the story in…
    You only repeated the lies and not the truth as seen in the same story you tore apart to continue a smear against a man who happens to have 2 Muslim names… Does that mean every person who has a Christian name is actually a Christian? I don’t think so and you shouldn’t be so shallow, lop-sided and manipulative of the truth…

  2. Lies. Barack Obama was sworn in to Congress with a bible. The only congressman to have been sworn in with a koran (Thomas Jefferson’s copy actually) is Keith Ellison from MN, a practicing moslem.

    The school he went to is far from radical. CNN actually went to the school and it was far from radical. Girls and boys learn together and there is a strong science and mathematics curriculum.

    I really don’t think you should have posted this. Every point can be disputed.

  3. A person’s religious origins does not mean he or she actually adheres to them as an adult. This information as written has been out over the internet for some time. In light of events which have occured since the terror attack of Sept. 11 2001, I would think a person’s personal profile, both religious and otherwise, would be scrutenized when aspiring for political office.

    This surely must have happened when Mr. Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, as well as for his present desire to run for the Presidency.

    Therefore, all I can add, as I have written in previous postings, is that this campaign stands to be a most interesting one, to say the least.

    And the truth, whatever it really is, will be brought to light eventually – most likely by Obama himself.

  4. It would appear that Mr.Obama is facing what John Kennedy faced in his run for the presidency. Religious fear. Both religions have a history of overwhelming everyone else and and not not allowing for dissent and differing opinions. But more than just Catholics and Muslims elected these two men to office. So what does that tell us? I believe we need to keep an eye on ANYONE we send to office. Come down on them when they need it, encourage them otherwise. If Mr. Obama were to do things to seriouly harm US, there are ways and means to fix the problem.

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