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Sderot Student is Kassam’s Latest Victim

Ron Yehiye had finally decided to complete his academic studies at age 46 and chose the Sapir Academic College in Sderot for a number of reasons, including the school’s fine reputation for a degree in the media field, despite’s the school’s ‘out of the way’ location in Israel’s southern region, near the border with Gaza. A family man, Yehiye had had to postpone finishing his undergraduate degree a number of times due to the financial responsibilities of raising a family.

His decision to return to his studies unfortunately cost him his life yesterday when he was just about the leave the college’s parking lot and his car was struck by an incoming Kassam rocket, killing the 47 year old student instantly,

“We know this would happen sooner or later, and it did” a student named Dov said who knew Ron Yehiye well. “The college’s class schedule will carry on as usual” the college’s president Zeev Zahor was quoted as saying. He went on to say that due to the Kassam missile barrages, most of the college’s classes are held in reinforced classrooms that are supposed to protect students from such an occurrence. But on the outside, as in the case of Yehiye, there was only the 15 second warning to find cover, and in his case, the warning came too late.

Dov, who came from America to study at Sapir, blames Prime Minister Olmert for the continuation of these attacks and lack of adequate security for the students and all Sderot residents as well. A recent Oleh from Los Angeles, he said that “Olmert is at fault and should resign”. Other students voiced similar opinions asking how can Olmert go to Japan “to eat sushi” while attacks such as this are going on?

Some 8,000 students attend Sapir College and most voiced their intentions to continue there with their studies despite the dangers of the rocket attacks. The Sapir Student Union plans to hold a special memorial ceremony for Yehiye and the National Union of Israeli Students called for the Sapir Students to be strong as all Israeli academic students are behind them.

More than 50 Kassam rockets were launched on Sedrot and nearby towns and villages on Wednesday and at least a dozen have fallen so far today. Ashqelon has also been under attack with at least four Grad type Katiusha rockets hitting there, one of them hitting a house. At least 17 Ashqelon residents were treated for shock. These attacks by longer range rockets could be the result of the breach in the security barrier between Gaza and Egypt a few weeks ago resulting in thousands of Gazans pouring into Egypt on shopping sprees.


  1. and how many innocent Palestinian civilians have Israel killed? SEVENTY and the number is increasing.

  2. Uh…..excuse me, “Morito”, but out of those 70 “innocent Palestinians” at least 50 (if not more) were Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants, many of whom were involved in making and firing those Kassam rockets.

    Had no rockets been fired in the first place, there would not have been a need for the IDF to go into Gaza – or kill militants from the air.

    The Palestinians are not willing to accept this fact, and obviously you are not either.

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