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German Youth Suffering Holocaust Fatigue

A report issued by a German Foreign Ministry delegation that deals with teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to German school children said that many children in the country are becoming weary of this subject, even to the point that they may be suffering from what is now being called “Holocaust fatigue”. The report was given by Dr. Benedikt Haller, a Foreign ministry official who is involved in relations with Jewish organizations in respect to issues involving the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

German Youth Suffering Holocaust FatigueThe gist of the problem, according to Haller, revolves around a new generation of educators who believe that German children “must know the truth about what happened in their country before and during WWII”. Previously, not all the actual details had been conveyed to schoolchildren, perhaps for the reason that their parents and others of the same age group were embarrassed by what had happened during the Holocaust. This new idea of literally “bombarding” German children with literature dealing with this subject has now worked in reverse of what it was intended to do.

An example of this feeling was expressed in a recent cartoon in Der Speigel, one of Germany’s top newspapers. In this cartoon, a young, bewildered German student is standing in a bookstore that is literally crammed with books and other literature dealing with the Holocaust. This cartoon ironically came out on the 60th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

A specially designed comic book, entitled “The Search”, has recently been introduced into German school curriculum, and deals with Jewish children of about the same age who became victims of the Holocaust. German schoolchildren are required to read the book and afterwards discuss it in class. German kids then give their ideas of what they would have done if in the same situation.

These issues come on the eve of German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s planned visit to Israel in which she addressed the Knesset in her native language – German. This has already been criticized by some officials in Israel, while others do not have a problem with it as German is, after all, Merkel’s native tongue. The German Chancellor visited Israel not long after she took up her post, and visited the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem. Her uncomfortable feelings regarding her country’s past were very evident during this visit.

A new Holocaust remembrance and memorial office is soon to be opened in Berlin, which Haller is very proper since Berlin was the city where the Holocaust actually began during the1930’s and where acts of genocide against were later planned.

If German children are taught less about their country’s darker past, it could later reflect on how they feel about Israel and Jews in general, and could result in a rise in antisemitism in Germany. And as the well said saying goes: “he who forgets the lessons of history is doomed to repeat them”.


  1. Maybe the kids are just bored out of their minds at the endless repetition of events that supposedly happened long before they were born, under a government that doesn’t exist any longer, that they had no control over and are therefore not responsible for.

    Maybe they want to be allowed to live in the 21st century like the rest of us.

  2. There are other Holocausts nobody likes to talk about: British/Netherlands/French colonial holocausts, USA holocausts in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, ongoing US Holocausts since the end of WW II have murdered more than 120 million people.

    Yet, the former victims the so called Jews/Zionist are committing now the same Nazi crimes – they wanted Germans prosecuted for.

    …shame on you!!!!

    The Germans know their history and it is disgusting that Germans fight for US war criminals and the Jewish Wall Street mafia in Afghanistan.

  3. Time is limited. By bombarding German children with the holocaust, they are being forced to skip over other German history. Is only the holocaust relevant to German children? Or is it okay if they are forced to miss out on the hundreds of years of positive German history?

  4. Sick of hearing about it. The other world has moved on. Obviously it doesn’t suit you people to do so as well. Now why might that be?

  5. I am not German, not a Nazi, or sympathetic to national socialism and had grandfathers who both fought the Germans in WW2.

    On top of this, I was born decades AFTER the war, yet here in the USA when I was in school I was crushed with this Jewish propaganda about the holocaust.

    Just two major things which caused me problems with the standard Jewish holocaust narrative..

    That the Germans went against the jews simply because the were different is a crock. Anyone who has a shred of understanding of that time in history knows that all the Germans had to do was to look eastward at what Jewish forces were up to in the east and what happened during the Bolshevik Revolution.

    A great many Jews in Germany were supporters of communism and had no small part in creating the situation within Germany which led to the rise of Hitler.

    Instead of pointing fingers, Jews better get a hold of a mirror and take a good look into it, for this, and for a great many sins past and present committed by Jewish hands and the small backlashes which went your way were hardly unwarranted.

    I said two major things, here’s the other(but I could go on for days with countless others):

    Up until 1989 the plaque at Auschwitz asserted that over 4 million were killed there, after 1989 it was changed downward to just over a million.

    I have heard that Jews supposedly have superior intellect but am having a great problem believing this since basic math seems to elude you and you still stick to the 6 million figure to this day.

    Your kind seems to have no trouble subtracting the wealth of the host populations you live amongst with your holocaust money generating machine but you cannot subtract the embellishments which have provided you with so much power, money and immunity.

  6. I believe that any holocaust material should also include other historical events like the starving of the Irish while the rich of Europeans feed well and they did nothing. Just as many died in the great hunger and I do not see those that attack the catholic church saying anything about the religious groups of Europe doing nothing to help the Irish.

  7. Germans are tired about being lied to. Terrible crimes happened in Germany, and those crimes were embellished upon by the allies in the aftermath of WWII by the Allies for propaganda purposes. In Germany today, it is a crime, “holocaust denial,” to inquire as to which were the real crimes and which were the embellishments. That there are lies in the official histories of the holocaust is proven by the very fact that honest debate about the facts is illegal. Truth needs no laws to support it, it never has and it never will

  8. How long do the Khazarians, the ameicans and british want to pull the bullshit about a non existant holocaust of jews to the poeple in Germany? How long are the Germans going to pay the parasites for things that never happened? and how long are the jews going to live for free from the rest of the world. About time to take care of this issue and send them to planet APE.

  9. Gosh ya think? Hollywood has done the same to America with 3 hanky holohoax films – then they give themselves awards.

    Germans know …. Americans are learning.

    THIS is the solution

  10. “If German children are taught less about their country’s darker past, it could later reflect on how they feel about Israel and Jews in general, and could result in a rise in antisemitism in Germany.”

    Why don’t you get it after all this time? It is not a lack of education that leads to a rise in antisemitism but the deeds and actions of the Jews and Israel that leads to antisemitism. Why do you never accept any blame or criticism? Why is it ok for Jews in general, Israel in particular to be racist but it is not ok for everyone else?

  11. More likely this constant cramming of an histoic event, not particularly unique, the details of which can not be examined or verified, down throats of children who had no part in it. will cause resentment. The communists stuffed red proaganda non stop into the minds of the Russian people for 75 years. This resulted in absolutely no one believing it. The same will likely hold true In Germany about WWII.

  12. If I were a Palestinian, I’d be unable to absorb any lesson from the persecution of the jews in WWII because it wouldn’t relate to my current circumstance of victimization and oppression.

  13. What German teachers are engaged in is psychological child abuse.

    As one British historian recently claimed “Holocaust, holocaust, holocaust I’m all holocausted out.” No he was not a denier. Perhaps the children have the same response as this learned professor.

  14. Why not have the German kids do school papers on whether the Holocaust really happened? Uh oh. They might come up with the wrong conclusions, and be thrown in jail before graduation. Such is the degradation of the proud German nation, prostrate before Eastern European mutts.

  15. the world is on the brink of collaps created by the Jewish greed on Wallstreet, forcing millions to live on the streets, eating at soup kitchens, we should all kneel down to lick the feet of the Jewish `master`race while they are destroying everything around us. we need a new Hitler and we need a new final solution, like in the old time when the Jews were banned into our countries.

  16. Proof that the so called holocaust is a hoax: The holocaust denial laws,make it a criminal offense to question anything and everything about the phony 6 million figure. As one German court ruled: Truth is no defense. If there had been a holocaust, the Jews would have had forensic scientist in all concentration camps to proof once and for all that their claim was correct. Why have they not done it and do not allow any one else to do it? Because the world would find out that it has been lied to for over 65 years.
    The first time the 6 million figure appeared was in 1919 in the New York Times, go figure.

  17. I spent seven years in Germany while on the US Army. I went to Dachau in 1983 and saw a sign hanging in a shower that stated basically, “Jews were killed here”. I also followed a Jewish person who was the tour guide for school children. He clearly told them how Jews were put into the shower and Zyklon B was poured in killing numerous men, women, and children. He then brought them to the Crematorium and said this is where the dead were burnt. He had the school children crying and in tears with his tales. It was very emotional and horrifying to hear his tale.

    In 1987, I returned for another tour and the sign was replaced with a new sign that stated, “no Jews were killed here”! It is now recognized that the shower was a post-war building erected under the orders of GEN Eisenhower and that no systematic extermination of Jews occurred at Dachau. This was a yeaR shock to me. What became apparent to me is that the Germans understood that there were many post-war lies about the Holocaust and its severity.

    The school children are not experiencing fatigue. They are just starting to openly express their disgust at being lied to despite the German laws that prohibit such thought and speech in public. In time, you will see this disgust turn to anger which will end Israel’s ability to constantly extort money and political favors from Germany. When this happens, the German people will be finally free from the lies of their past.

  18. Germany needs to pass an emergency law making it illegal to have “Holocaust fatigue.” Nip this in the bud before their citizenry collectively begins digging for answers to this malaise, and stumbles onto certain historical facts – facts buried for a good reason – which might somehow strangely lead them to the unacceptable conclusion that for over 65 years they’ve been paying extortion money for the biggest, most ridiculous blood libel in history. After all, I shudder to think of the repercussions, and I know you do too, if these impressionable youths were allowed to freely question and examine THEIR OWN HISTORY. What if they independently came to their own conclusions that the Holocaust never happened. I can’t have that on my conscience. Antisemitism is practically already a worldwide epidemic. Thank goodness we have selfless men like Abe Foxman and the rest of the ADL team, with their multimillion dollar budget. These guys work tirelessly to sniff out and identify all those dangerous antisemites, who traffic in Holocaust revisionist literature and quietly speak of Ernst Zundel and his ilk as though they were some kind of heroes. Even though this Mr. Zundel has never been accused of committing any violent crimes in his long life, how are we supposed to believe him when he claims to be a pacifist? He is still alive, you know, he could still do something violent. It’s pretty clear that the real victims are those who took offense to his publications. Otherwise, they would have never sent him death threats, firebombed his house and tried to get him deported and arrested on every charge they could think of. The good news for Americans is that Abe and Co. care so much about ending what they have wisely designated as ‘hate crimes’ that they, and other benevolent Jewish organizations are working with our government to (hopefully soon) outlaw Holocaust denial here stateside as well. Won’t that be a relief? No more revisionist contraband. No more pamphlets asking embarrassing questions about “proof” for the existence of gas chambers and other unimportant trivialities. Don’t they know how offensive such things are to the sensitivities to those whose family members may have been among the unquestionable six million victims, a number that was verified by Allied psych. warfare departments before the war was over, before we ever set foot in any of the camps? Think about it – would you want one of these so-called free-speech advocates hanging around the schools and handing your sixth-grader a flyer that says that his favorite history subject, in fact the greatest historical event of all time, is nothing more than left-over wartime propaganda that is still being used to benefit a certain group of people, financially and otherwise? I didn’t think so. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for our legislation to catch up to the times, I think most people would agree that we need more taxpayer-funded Holocaust museums built in America and more Hollywood movies produced with a Holocaust theme. We must make sure this doesn’t happen again, AT ANY COST!

    Those who don’t learn the truth of history are doomed to believe whatever lies pass themselves off as history.

  19. The HolocaustTM is the biggest lie of the 20th century. If it were true there would be no need to imprison those who question it. TRUTH DOESN’T FEAR INVESTIGATION. I try to enlighten as many people as possible to this Jewish hoax and to my surprise there are receptive ears out there. The LIE will DIE!
    The Germans will finally ‘get it’ one of these days and I’m looking forward to that day!

  20. They better know that their grandparents maybe still alive and they have murdered my grand-grandparents. But they need not to concentrate on that too much. Too much of that stuff is bad for them. It’s not going to fix it. I am also thinking that showing all this sites and paying money to preserve them. Are we actually going to bore people with that.Grandchildren of Nazi better learn. If they haven’t killed my ancerstors, that would be another questions. They better be not born. “Palestinians” that complain have to study it too. Arabs supported Hitler too and Judea was renamed to Palestine, so why are they having problems with Jews living in Judea and Samaria. They better move on over that as well as pathetic desendants of Nazis that killed a half of jewish populations. They better know who they are.

  21. Danielle, if you wouldn’t be that blind you’d have seen that the conspiring oligarchy who pulled strings to put both Lenin and Hitler into power actually killed your grandparents, AND ruined other tens of millions people lives in the process. Do you think the 20 million ukrainianks starved to death by Stalin died a better death? How about civilians trapped between a totalitarian regime and incendiary bombs? Or untrained soldiers led by incompetent politruks between panzers in front and NKVD machineguns at the rear? There are only a few who truly profit from this – and they still do. Enforcing your funerary rites unto innocent nowadays people won’t make antisemitism any way LESSER. Maybe more. Ah, and your anger and HATE won’t make you any happier. Maybe LESS. We’re in the 21st century and we should reach for the stars, not throwing mud at each other. Truth is reparatory action, not money. If you cannot withstand truth, you have already lost.

  22. I think they should have it shoved down their throats so they really reaize how evil their leaders were. They should also have to watch the Military Channel regarding WWI and II. Germans should be ashamed.

  23. Edie B, stop spamming nonsense. Shoved down their throats??? Do you know it’s about today german teenagers? They’re no HJ, you know. You act like the common misconception amongst German kids today is that Hitler was a gorgeous genius. Actually this is not the case. This harsh treatment might have the opposite effect on them and create more hate than it would prevent. They don’t have to be ashamed for the crimes of their ancestors and certainly they won’t benefit a dime from this petty treatment. Stop treating kids like dogs pissing under the table and putting their nose down there. They’ll grow and they will figure it out by themselves. This approach is doing more harm than good. There’s no nation on Earth without blood on their hands in history. Would you like to be accused that your forefathers robbed and killed the Indians and you have to cough up payment and respect? How about legal slavery? Uh-uh, I figured it out.

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