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The Irony of It All

The body of the terrorist Ala Abu-Dhaim who murdered the Yeshiva students in Yeshiva Mercaz HaRav Kook last week was released to the family yesterday and buried last night in the Arab village of Jabel Mukaber.

Ala Abu-DhaimSince the night of the murders, his body was held by the Israeli authorities because the family refused to agree to a modest funeral for their son. During the past week, a mourning tent was erected at the family’s home and Arabs have been marking cold blooded murder as a victory. Amongst Arabs in the east side of Jerusalem, Gaza and in PA areas of the Shomron and Judea, Abu-Dhaim is considered a hero. Having roots in Jordan, relatives of Abu-Dhaim wanted to celebrate and honor him as well, yet Jordanian authorities forbade any mourning tent or sign of celebration at all. The Jordanian government condemned the act of terrorism as did most of the civilized free world.

The greatest irony – the Israeli government allowed the terrorist’s family to erect a mourning tent replete with pictures, slogans, color – anything that could adorn the tent in his memory. Naturally amongst Arab clans, tribes and families in the region, the Abu-Dhaims are now considered to be in a higher form of society. Arab honor, they call it. Its equivalent to becoming a celebrity. As a matter of fact, a right wing group of Israelis decided to take matters into their own hands and march over the the house themselves and proceed to dismantle this tent which was a disgusting insult to those young boys murdered in cold blood. To even make matters more interesting, members of this right wing Israeli group were arrested for attempting to trespass onto the Abu-Dhaim property and attempting to violate the rights family’s right to display public mourning.

I mean, Israel IS a democracy after all, isn’t it?

Do you see the irony here, or is irony too light of a term to use? To be frank, I don’t know if a word has yet to have been coined to describe the insanity of the entire scenario. Even more so, Muslim-Arabs, even those who have and enjoy Israeli citizenship, while taking advantage of their freedom of expression, despise democracy. Despite this, truckloads of goods are being delivered to Arabs in Gaza, where Qassam rockets are being launched at Sderot, Ashkelon and other cities in the Negev region every day. We are actually feeding and providing for the very people who are using are citizens, young and old as targets.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, families of those murdered have just completed shiva and have three weeks left until their mourning period is over. Life is supposed to go on after all of this.

Whatever happened to justice I wonder.


  1. What scares me is how many of the settlers have Baruch Goldstein’s picture up on their walls. We condemn their celebration as immoral and despicable, but the celebration of senseless murder is something some on the Israeli side is also guilty of. I wish we could just get out of the settlements and then we wouldn’t be so guilty of the double standard.

  2. Why don’t “we” get out of the larger settlements as well: like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc. That’s what the Arabs really want, including those with Israeli ID cards.

  3. Democracy does not have to mean being stupid. This MURDERER’s family deserve NO special consideration!!! It certainly wouldn’t be this way if aJew were to make a killing as this one was.

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