Emergancy ExcerciseAl Quda Al Arabi in the UK is reporting that the Syrians are getting a little fidgety and have called in reserves expecting an imminent attack by the “zionist pigs”. The “zionist pigs” are not sure what they’re babbling about but it seems like the area is getting a little tense (we all know how peaceful it is normally….).

Barak visiting the North this week mentioned that Hezbollah is gathering weapons and is heavily arming itself in an expected showdown but that the IDF is doing the same. “Looking at this picturesque quiet we know that things are brewing just below surface”…

Talk in the chat and online commentary is that something will happen soon enough. Some say that the Syrians are causing a diversion with their troop movements, that Hezbollah will initiate a third party attack on the northern border, or that the next attack will coincide with Israel’s 60th Independence Day coming soon.

Regardless (or not..), our Home Security Command announced a massive exercise next Tuesday that will cover 253 municipalities and will include government, public, private, emergency and rescue organizations.

Oh, we are also going to get back those really fashionable gas masks after they were “refreshed” earlier this year.
But hey, no need to panic 😉

Ahh, can you feel it? The Summer of Love!