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Wentworth Miller & Dana International Say Yes

Hollywood actor Wentworth Miller teamed up with the singer Dana International to create a promo for an Israeli TV satellite provider, “Yes”. Dana International is a well known transsexual pop singer in Israel who has made a name for herself internationally as the winner of the 1998 Eurovision song contest.

Miller, who has recently visited Israel plays Michael Scofield in “Prison Break”, an American show that enjoys wide popularity in Israel and across the world.

In the promo you can see Miller attempting to escape prison as he runs into the controversial Israeli singer. In the ad, Dana informs Miller in her usual fashion and sultry English mixed with Hebrew that he cannot escape prison just yet because we, the audience, must still watch season Four.

The subtext of the ad “winks” at the viewers capitalizing on the rumors that Miller might be gay.
While many people find this commercial tasteless, I bet that this is exactly what its makers were after – to provoke and win the audience attention. And boy, were they successful!

Like the famous song goes – “let’s give them something to talk about” – the gimmick works considering the simple fact that everyone in Israel is still talking about this ad!

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  1. Hey! I know the older dude who said “this place stinks”!

    He plays a great blues guitar.

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