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Switzerland goes off deep end

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**Switzerland has gone off the deep end. Someone must stand up and prevent a Swiss-funded nuclear catastrophe. **

Recently, Switzerland made a major, government sponsored financial deal with Iran to the tune of between 28 and 42 billion euro, enough to fund an Iranian nuclear bomb program many times over.

The Swiss foreign minister, Ms. Calmy-Rey, personally orchestrated a deal between Swiss energy giant, EGL, and Iran’s Sate-owned gas company.

In doing so, Switzerland has violated the will and spirit of UN Resolutinos 1737 and 1747 on Iran. Worse than this, Switzerland is willfully assisting Iran’s genocidal threats against Israel by funding its nuclear program and its unveiled attempt to procure unconventional and ballistic weapons.

It’s critical that you keep in mind that Switzerland is providing OFFICIAL cover for the deal by facilitating a bilateral government agreement with one of the most sinister regimes on the planet.

Switzerland is once again attempting to get away scot-free with murder for the sake of money ( just as it did in WWII) by relying on international indifference and apathy towards its heinous actions.

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