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Maya Bouskilla Joins The Army

Maya Bouskilla ArmyIDF gets a special gift for Passover: Maya Bouskilla, a famous Israeli pop singer, has enlisted to the IDF at the age of thirty. The Israeli army service is mandatory for every young person at the age of 18, which means that Maya has joined about a decade past enlistment usual age, making her one of the oldest candidates to ever join the army.

Bouskilla evaded serving in the Israeli army, claiming to be religious. However, a few years later, Maya appeared in an advertising campaign for swimsuits that was not exactly modest, putting her religious orientation under serious doubt. The Israeli media passed a harsh critique on this move, which was rightly viewed as the adoption of a double standard. This was definitely not Kosher on her part!

Maya tells she has regretted dodging the army. Did Major General Elazar Sern make the Israeli singer change her mind? Stern has protested last month against the popularity of false claims of religion amongst young women, urging them to join the Israeli forces.

Is it simply a coincidence that Maya joins the army just as she releases her new album? Enlist to the army for public relations? It sounds too radical to me …

I say –if you’re gonna shoot, shoot, don’t sing!
Image: IDF Photo


  1. No matter what her intentions were, it took a lot of guts for a 30 year old woman, who is a professional singer and actress to give up time in her life to live up to her obligations as an Israeli citizen.

    We all do stupid things and when she was 18, she did just that. Now, she is willingly paying the price.

    Kol HaKavod to Maya.

  2. Maya Bouskilla, is a credit to her self and her family, because when Australia had Compulsory National Service ( Vietnam conflict ) a lot of people did a lot of devious things to not serve in the Military,she did not. good on her a real credit to the people of Israel. May be I will see her as my protector when I spend April 2011 in Israel

  3. first thank you dad i can cary izraely name . women , you are the best , not that i wan’t a women of another man , but when i see all the izraelys , i see the people who built up the world for god , and thats why we can live today .than you again . i wana be the soldier of izrael .

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