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Avraham MarselTwo weeks ago I wrote about the possibility of Leonard Cohen including Israel in his summer tour. However, the Israeli producer Avraham Marsel got cold feet and canceled the show, in fear he might lose money in the end. He claims that he could not find major commercial sponsors for the show (such as the cellular companies) and since he does not intend to invest much of his own money in the project, he has no choice but to call it a No Show.

This is absurd! After 15 years, the one and only Leonard Cohen once again hits the road in what may be his last World Tour, and there is full willingness on his behalf to come here to Israel — but due to Marsel’s lack of professionalism, many thousands (and tens of thousands) of fans are left empty handed and disappointed.

I’d bet my ticket money that Cohen is just as disappointed as we are.

Photo by NRG