Wednesday, July 9, Last Updated 10:00 GMT

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TEL AVIV, Israel — Last night, a massive fireball crossed the Israeli nightsky at around 8pm local time (18:00 GMT), traveling in an East-to-West bearing and disappearing above the Mediterranean Sea.

Police received tens of emergency calls regarding the mysterious object starting at 8pm in the Sharon province (6 miles north of Tel-Aviv) and up to 8:20pm in Haifa (59 miles north of Tel Aviv). People described sighting a bright light descending fast towards the sea, followed by a clear trail of smoke.

Meteor Illustration“I thought this was it; the end of the world”, recounts Eyal, a Ramat-Ha’Sharon resident. “I called my wife to the window, but by the time she arrived, the object had disappeared. I’m sure it caused a tidal wave wherever it landed. I still have goosebumps all over me.”

Some people speculate the event is related to the Iranian missile test conducted last night, since there weren’t any prior reports of an expected meteor shower.

Interestingly enough, very similar accounts were received by Californian police a week ago, July 2, as a bright fireball was seen zooming past the San Bernardino Mountains. Correspondingly, the LA event wasn’t expected by astronomers as well, and the location of the debris — if such debris exist — remains unknown.

We at are the first to expose the link between these two mysterious events. Could they both be the result of the same asteroid slowly breaking apart after being caught in the Earth’s atmosphere?

With regard to last night’s occurrence, no clear photo has been made public yet. If you happened to film the event, please send us the footage and we’ll post it here with full credits.