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Who are you Tzipi Livni?

The primary of the Kadima party is about to take place this Wednesday. The two front-runners are the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Tzipi Livni, and the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Shaul Mofaz. The person who will be elected by the Kadima party members is very likely to replace Ehud Olmert as Israel’s next Prime Minister.

Shaul Mofaz boasts his experience as the IDF’s General Chief of Staff, but not many people know that Tzipi Livni has had her own share of “rough” experience. It’s been revealed in the news in the past few weeks that Livni served in the Mossad while in her 20’s, and that she was stationed in Paris for a period of time. Obviously there’s no mention of what she was doing there, and she cannot brag about that chapter in her life, but it leaves one wondering how much we don’t actually know of this woman. As an avid news reader, I still have no clue where she stands on many of the issues, and what she plans to do in case she enters the PM office.

This is Tzipi Livni 12 years ago:


  1. To Israel Government and its people:

    No doubt I am the most controversial person in American & the world having developed my own school of thought that is very rarely perceived by the multitudes. No doubt,
    my viewpoints on the kabbalah are viewed with a cocked eyebrow by the Rabbi on one end; and on the other end viewed by modern politicians everywhere as a mere mystic out of touch with reality.

    No doubt in terms of family; on my father’s side my ancestors are equally defiant and controversial being descended from King Ber the Bold who fought King Abbas in 937 A.D.
    Representing one of the most terrifying battles of the war between Christianity and the
    Sorcerer War Lords of Armenia; and on my mother’s side my ancestors representing the
    deep south with the notorious Bailey Plantation in South Carolina; and the active participation
    in Confederate rebellion against the Yankee’s sadistic occupation.

    Bearing all this mind that I have a unique DNA code whose intellectual, spiritual, and political
    perceptions are not for the norm I hereby give my opinion on the present war in Israel.
    No doubt, something very important awakened in the depths of my being when September 11th
    occurred; and write it off as genetic or otherwise I give my opinion nonetheless.

    Not long after the September 11 terrorist attack in New York City 3,000 Palestinians went into the streets of Nabus chanting “God is great”, creating a parade, giving candy to children, honking horns, hold up the V sign for victory, and waving Palestinian flags. I remember the cold rage I felt toward these insects who were celebrating the murder of my fellow citizens for the sake of their petty and stupid goals.

    I saw this with my own eyes on television; and no one around seemed to react like I did; and today with Israel at war with these Palestinians I shed no tears for their suffering; and yet I do not return the favor of celebration with the Israel victories on Gaza. Let the Jews take over the entire Gaza area for all I care; and drive these animals who celebrated September 11th in the streets into another part of the Middle East.

    As a citizen of the United States of America I exercise my freedom of speech by stating that
    therefore as a consequence of their cruel celebrations of the murder of innocent citizens of my
    country that such an uncivilized pack of dogs should be driven from Gaza altogether; and Israel
    should expand its country and goals to include this land on its geographical maps.

    David Bersson

  2. I agree with Ms. Livni. Until Palestine is restored to some semblance of an independent country there will be a continued effort by the Palestinians to undermine Israel in every way possible.

    So what if the Arab community does not recognize Israel’s “right to exist”. I don’t recognize that either. But Israel does exist and is not going anywhere. Get over it.

    The Arab countries do not have to do business with Israel. Those countries don’t have to have an Embassy in Israel. They don’t have to have any trade agreements. Like Fredo in the Godfather, you are dead to me. End of story.

    Israel will/has negotiate(d) their trade, defense, etc treaties. They may/may not choose to do business with any of the Arab countries.

    Israel will continue to be the bully on the block and will remain undefeated in its military conflicts. A Palestinian state may do wonders for stability in the region.

    If it coms down to a full on military battle, Israel may end up owning most/all of the region. The know that as well.

    I hope Livni’s views are shared by more of the government. I wish her well in her efforts to make her plan a reality.


    Eric Allen

  3. Charles Steinburg

    December 25, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    This David Bersson who speaks has bias in directions that cannot be taken seriously by civilized and intelligent human beings. In Wyoming his state in America he is known as the the Hermit of the wood, a man who has isolated himself from the reality of the powers that be.
    What he doesn’t tell you about himself is that he is connected with forces that will eventually overthrow all of Islam and the Middle East – and he is deadly hostile to Mohammad and its growth in the world. Besides these, he is a student of sorcery, black magic, the stupid wasteful kabbalah and wants to promote the growth of Israel only so they will destroy the hated Muslims.
    That he is a opportunist scavenger, a predator, a instigator, a reader of occultism, a freethinker of
    the anarchy of black magic philosophy, who fancies himself as superior as a result of strange initiating
    rites that have Hebrew symbolism cannot be denied. He is clearly not a Jew, not a Muslim, not Christian, not a Buddhist and his system of belief cannot be clear to any. He has been called an
    evil sorcerer maneuvering for power, who uses the black magic of ancient Jews, Egyptians and Armenians as his foothold to whatever power that would predominate such a strange intellect as his.
    He cannot be trusted to be on anyone’s side; but the side of his own unknown ambitions.
    Is he dangerous? Most likely not, and yet whatever he proclaims as truth is slanted to the side of his strange beliefs and cannot be integrated without much intellectual analysis on the part of the educated reader of his various books and essays. Jews are wasting their time concentrating on this sorcerer who thinks that kabbalah is of any use to the modern Jew. That is my opinion of this David Bersson, already!!

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