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Paul McCartney in Israel next week

Paul McCartney — the one and only — will arrive for the first time in Israel next week, for a single and massive performance in Park Ha’Yarkon. It is set to happen September 25, and if you don’t have a ticket yet, you should better hurry.

It is well known that McCartney and the rest of the Beatles were denied permission to perform in Israel back in 1965, when Levi Eshkol was Prime Minister. They were considered to be bad influence of the younger generation, decades before Amy Winehouse and Nine Inch Nails came to our attention.

It has taken 43 years to bring him here, and frankly, I doubt many people are still interested in him and his music. I believe that most of the ticket buyers do it more for the sake of being part of something historic, and less because they’re truly passionate about his music.

Either way, it should be one heck of a show!

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  1. The cool part is that he is coming despite threats from a few terrorists (yes, they were offended that he decided to play in “the zionist state.”

    Should be quite a concert. Let me know how it goes!

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