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Israel’s economy refuses to be affected by Wall Street crisis

It’s been said to be the biggest economic crisis in America since 1929. So far we’ve seen the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG, and there’s no end in sight.

Obviously, the markets around the world reacted badly, with vast depreciation of rates, especially in Asia. Israel saw a poor day on Monday as well.

But today the Israeli stock exchange begins to recuperates and leaders in the financial system reassure the public and say that a very small percentage of their money was exposed to Lehman Brothers.

The Israeli media loves big headlines, but once those headlines are gone, life goes on as usual, and personally I didn’t happen to see people worried about this whole issue. Maybe it’s too soon. Maybe it will reach the Israeli economy. And maybe not.

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  1. The downward trend in the world’s economy, the increasing connections between Russia and Syria, Iraq etc. and the renewed interest in aliya all support as of yet unfulfilled scriptural prophesies. My blog has an article regarding this “Magog Unveiled…Scene One”

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