Due to the Likud primaries (that happened just two days ago), Moshe Feiglin is now receiving much more media attention than he deserves.

Who is he?

Feiglin is considered a radical right-wing politician, and he is a self-confessed racist.

This is what Feiglin said in a 1995 interview, translated to English:

There’s no doubt that Judaism is racist in a sense, and when the UN determined that Zionism is a racist movement, I didn’t find any point in objecting. If you understand racism as a blood distinction — and this is a very primitive distinction — then you have to claim that Zionism is racist (…) There is no Palestinian nation. There’s only an Arab-speaking public, that suddenly recognized itself as a nation, a negative of the Zionist movement; parasites. The fact they haven’t done it beforehand only proves how inferior they are. In Africa there are no nations as well. Only a Zulu tribe, a Tutsi tribe.

Today Feiglin has an undeniable amount of power within the Likud party, although not as much as he could have had if Binyamin Netanyahu hadn’t declared an all-out political war with him.

Considering the fact that all estimates point at the Likud as being the next ruling party, Feiglin’s rising popularity is a room for concern.