Louis Mayon in IsraelMaybe its the heat in Israel. As strange as it may seem, it’s often been said that the best place for people involved in hate crimes against Jews to hide out in a Jewish country like Israel. This notion turned into reality on Monday when a high profile member of the American racist organization. The Ku Klux Klan, has discovered to be hiding out in a south Tel Aviv apartment. The person, Mickey Louis Mayon (33) was arrested in Tel Aviv’s Bohemian Florentine district, and area considered to be gaining in popularity by young single people. Mayon, is on the American FBI’s most wanted list of 100 wanted criminals, and has been involved in a number of racist inspired crimes, including physical violence against racial minorities, setting fire of federal agent vehicles, and other serious crimes.

Mayon’s whereabouts was discovered after investigative work by the newly formed “Oz” immigration police unit, had received information that Mayon might have come to Israel on a one-way ticket in 2007 to escape arrest in America for a number of crimes including illegal use of firearms (he fired his gun in the air as a “warning”). The Oz unit had received information from Interpol that Mayon might be hiding out in Israel, but he had managed to evade apprehension by moving several times to other addresses.

Speculation as to why Mayon chose Tel Aviv Israel as a “city of refuge” ranges from his possible admiration of Israel Defense Forces, possible connections with local Neo-Nazi groups who were shown recently on TV as being involved in beatings of foreign workers and other people; or, just deciding on his own that Israel would be the best place to hide out in, in light of his personal background (who would look for a KKK member and fugitive in a place like Israel?).

Mayon was taken to a police lockup for illegal immigrants in Holon until a decision is made concerning deporting him back to the US, where authorities there would like to have a word with him. As a post script to this bizarre tale, perhaps Mayon was interested in opening a Klan chapter here in Israel. After all, it is rumored that they changed their by-laws a few years back to allow Jews to become Klan members – if any so desire. He might have thought that Israel is “fertile ground” for establishing the Klan here, in light of all the adverse feelings between Jews and Arabs – especially Palestinians.

MENTAL NOTE: Following this story I think someone should offer special discounted KLAN TOURS TO ISRAEL, tours for Klan members who really want to visit Israel but were too ashamed to ask. Who knew Israel was such an attraction or we could have offered this a long time ago…