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Sixty Six Percent Support Jerusalem Building

This month’s War and Peace Index is out. Who wants to know what Israelis think now? Unfortunately, that’s almost impossible, since polls can only give indications of trends, and minds change so quickly that it may actually be a good thing that the government falls every two years. People need to keep reassessing their decisions and do some nice zigzagging.

War IndexAnyway, here’s what the War and Peace Index found. 66% of respondents believe that building should continue everywhere in Jerusalem, since Jewish sovereignty over the city is indisputable. Those who disapproved of this idea were primarily Labor and Meretz voters, who don’t make up much of the electorate any more these days.

This data could prove, as they say in the media every other day, to be a “stumbling block for the peace process,” as Mahmoud Abbas yesterday suddenly announced that he is no longer interested in East Jerusalem. He now, as reported by Israel Hayom newspaper, wants the whole thing. Oof. I don’t think giving up the Jewish quarter would be such a popular hit these days in Jewish circles. Maybe we should keep it after all.

In terms of Barack Obama, 46% see him as pro Arab, 31% as neutral, and a whopping 7% as pro Israel. Why don’t these things ever add up to 100%?

What about Operation Cast Lead? That’s a little more confusing, and I don’t really understand it. Apparently, 43% believe soldiers accounts of the war (that they didn’t intentionally shoot civilians and things like that), but 47% do not. However, 76% are of the opinion that no further investigation into the war is required.

Almost half thing that fishy stuff when on, but three quarters don’t want to investigate anymore? This sounds a bit strange. Perhaps there was a loaded or tilted question in there that people got confused about.

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  1. Ashkenazi settled Israel. It is a Zionist theology not shared by true Torah Jews. These converts to the Jewish faith came from the land of Magog. These Zionist are Gog from Magog. This land from which they came is northern Europe, between the black and Caspian sea. They are colonizers of a land not theirs, and never has been theirs. If America quits financially, politically, and militarily supporting Israel, she would soon quit being a source of war in the region. She is a European colony, a holdover of another age and thinking, in which Europe felt it could impose borders and create society and culture in other people’s lands. Almost 90% of Israel comes from Europe and most of those came to Judaism through conversion.

    Very few in Israel today can trace their origin to that of the native peoples who made up the early Jewish faith, the Habiru and Hyksos. The rest, what we believe today form our mother culture, is mythology and superstition and the source of much of the worlds strife today.

    Habiru as a loose ethnic group
    The Habiru name list on the Tikunani Prism (from Mesopotamia, about 1550 BC) indicates they were originally nothing more than a wandering tribe of Hurrians, but some argue for the disappearance of this ethnic distinction at a very early stage making them a non-exclusive ethnic group. Like the 17th century Cossack bands of Eastern European Steppes, scholars since Moshe Greenberg have envisioned the Hapiru as being formed out of outlaws and drop-outs from neighbouring agricultural societies. The numbers of the Habiru of the 2nd millennium BC grew from the peasants who had fled the increasingly oppressive economic conditions of the Assyrian and Babylonian kingdoms. The career of King Idrimi of Alalakh (ca 1500 – 1450) may provide a parallel on a grander social level: forced into exile, King Idrimi first fled to Emar on the Euphrates, and then to Canaan where he joined other Syrian refugees to live with the wandering Hapiru. His brief biography would not have appeared in inscriptions at all, if he had not been able to return and make a successful new bid for power in the city of Alalakh.
    Over 90% of the Jews in Palestine today came from European stock, primarily the Ashkenazi and Khazar lines, both were converts to the faith during the Middle Ages. If you don’t believe there were converts to the Jewish faith? Read the books by Karen Armstrong: A History of God: From Abraham to the Present, the 4000 Year Quest for God (1993), and The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (2000). The Abrahamic origin of the Hebrew people was the Habiru and the Hyksos. Those make up less than 10% of the current population of Israel. This false myth drives many people to innocently believe that somehow Palestine is the homeland for all Jewish people. It is a lie and a deception and has resulted in war after war. Palestine certainly included Jewish Palestinians, as there were Christian and Islamic Palestinians. This is another lie and deception that before the European Jew there was no Palestine. Who do you think occupied the land? The legal status certainly was fought over between European and Ottoman powers, but Palestine was there all along.
    Ashkenazi settled Israel. It is a Zionist theology not shared by true Torah Jews. Zionists are loved very much by our Lord, and they are just as good candidates for heaven as any other sinner, but they are NOT Jews in the historical and prophetic sense These converts to the Jewish faith came from the land of Magog. These Zionist are Gog from Magog. They are decendents of Japheth, and they cannot be candidates for the 144,000 who are chosen BY TRIBE, BY BLOOD. Help yourse lf if you like to make a fool of yourself and continue praying for the return of the Messiah while fawning and suporting financialy and millitarily the decendents of japheth who currently occupy Israel.

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