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Netanyahu Under Siege Part Two

Direction 3 from Overseas – The Obama Administration

Certainly, US policy as it stands today will not stop at anything short of massive pressure on Bibi for an immediate settlement freeze, and a Palestinian State “within two years,” as Obama’s plan is reportedly aiming for. This is something that, if Bibi actually tries to implement, his government will almost certainly not survive. Enough said there.

In the end, what you have is a Prime Minister, poked by the left flank of his coalition over unauthorized outposts, pushed by the nationalist right who are just beginning to flood the Likud membership ranks supported by rightist MKs within his own party, and closed in by an American government intent on imposing a Palestinian state, even if it means the crippling of Bibi’s government, which is arguably what they actually want to see in order to get someone more flexible in office.

Netanyahu may have the support of the people, but he can literally go nowhere on any diplomatic initiative without seriously angering any number of essential blocs of his fragile coalition government. The very most he can do is stay cloistered up in a political stalemate, trying to do nothing but remain in power for as long as he can. That is, until he has to make a move.

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  1. As an American citizen I believe the Prime Minister of Israel as well as the Nation of Israel should not submit to having a Palestinian state at all. Since it is the land given to them by God himself,according to the word of God,the Holy Bible. I believe if the Palestinian people need a homeland that the Arab nations should give them some place for a homeland within their borders since they have much more land available for one then Israel does.This is from an Christian American who believes the Bible is true on all matters of faith and practice including the passages on the Messiah such as Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 and I Corinthians 15 :1-6 , John 3 , Romans 10. Sincerely; George

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