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The Biodegradable Plastic Bottle

It’s time for another installment of “Israel Invents Something Cool That the World Will Definitely Need.” This week’s feature is the biodegradable plastic bottle made out of corn starch. Most plastics are made from an oil base, which makes the molecules artificial and non-disintegrating, so then you need the mafia to recycle them and it doesn’t get pretty. Plastic made out of corn starch, once buried, gets eaten by bacteria and the nutrients redispersed into the earth once again. No need to recycle, assuming you dispose of it properly.

Plastic BottlesComing out of a manufacturing company based in Kibbutz Ashdot Yakov the Israeli version is believed to be the world’s first to produce disintegrating bottles with disintegrating labels as well.

The bottles are scheduled to be distributed to guests of next week’s Plasto Ispak plastics exhibition at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv, a batch of the first 5,000.

The bottles, if placed in compost, disintegrate totally within 90 days. The only problem is, most Israelis don’t take their organic trash to a composting facility or bury it in the backyard. As a result, marketing will begin on a small scale. “There’s no point in flooding the market when anyway it won’t decompose since most Israelis still don’t compost their waste in the house or yard,” said Eco Joe Chairman Avner Inbar:

“We hope that Israel will start pushing advanced waste treatment methods which are more environmentally safe. Then we will be able to widely market the bottle.”

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  1. Making plastic from a food grain sounds like a good idea but there are some things you should consider:
    1) Corn plastic (PLA) reduces corn that should be used for food…raises food prices.
    2) For proper disposal PLA must be commercially composted, it won’t compost in the home composter and it won’t biodegrade in a landfill.
    3) Here in the U.S. PLA is made from genetically modified corn.
    One of the biggest problems with plastic bottles is caps. The caps are not made of PET plastic and will float.
    I believe it would be better to save our scarce oil reserves for making things like plastic instead of burning in our vehicles and factories, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.
    Most things are ending up in a landfill so we thought it might be a good idea if some of those things were more biodegradable. We developed a biodegradable plastic bottle that will biodegrade in a microbial environment. The ENSO biodegradable plastic bottles will biodegrade leaving behind biogases and humus.
    “Bottles for a Healthier Earth”

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