Boy is it dangerous to be the IDF Chief of Staff these days. First, he gets his credit card and antique pistol stolen by some soldier, and now a Hezbollah-recruited Israeli-Arab has been caught trying to kill him to avenge the death of assassinated Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh.

Gym AshkenaziThe Shabak, Israel’s secret service, caught the culprit by tracking his emails and Facebook messages. The suspect, Rawi Sultani, a 23-year-old Israeli-Arab from the town of Tira, was recruited by Hezbollah in the summer of 2008 when he traveled to Morocco to attend a Balad Party summer camp.

Balad, an Arab party with representation of the Knesset, was recently disqualified by the central elections committee from running in these past elections on the grounds that its leader, former Knesset member Azmi Bishara, fled to Syria to escape terrorism charges. He still gets a pension though. We’re just that gracious and self-effacing of a people. The Supreme Court reversed the disqualification, and Balad continues to run its Hezbollah-attended summer camps from Knesset headquarters.

During his stay at the camp, Sultani met Hezbollah operative Salman Harab, where Sultani gave him information on Ashkenazi’s daily routine, including the fact that the two occasionally worked out together at a Kfar Saba country club.
I wonder if this will be enough evidence to bar Balad from running in the upcoming Knesset elections. Something tells me, though, that nothing will ever be enough.

Hezbollah is still trying to avenge the assassination of Mughniyeh, as yet unsuccessfully, since they blame Israel for his death. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the assassination, but was openly satisfied that Mughniyeh, responsible for the bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Argentina in the early 90’s, can no longer direct terrorist activities, given that he is no longer alive.

Car bombs will do that to you.