Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz met with US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute, two weeks after the attempted Christmas Day terror attack on a Detroit-bound plane. He told her that Israel is willing and able to assist the United States in dealing with terror threats on civilian aviation.
The Israeli minister told the security officials in his office to boost cooperation with the American Transportation Security Administration, and to coordinate the transfer of operational intelligence in real time. All information on aviation security and Israeli airports’ painstaking security will be made available.
Katz also ordered the launch of professional work groups and joint projects towards the development of advanced technological systems.
Katz was hopeful that the United States can patch up their security problems, as they have been able to work out other domestic glitches over the years:

“It is sad that the situation in the world today has come to resemble what we know and have been dealing with for years…Israel would love to assist and cooperate with the US – the leader of the free world.”

After the meeting, Lute visited Ben Gurion International Airport. She examined the security system, including the brand new biometric system, Unipass, which allows passengers to go through all the stages of travel, from the security check to boarding, on their own. The system was launched in Israel on Tuesday.