Either it’s all in their mind or police officers in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah give a disproportionate dose of force to ultra-left protesters than those fighting for the Jewish claim to the neighborhood.
A few Jewish families moved into the Palestinian area recently, causing the eviction of a few permanent Palestinian residents.

Avner Inbar is a left-wing activist, he claims:

“The police are calling us outlaws and anarchists, despite the fact that the crowd here is mostly composed of professors from the Hebrew University and Jerusalemite teens who sing protest songs to the sound of drums.”

The peacenik continued:

“While the officers suppress our protests, sometimes violently, haredim and settlers riot unhindered in the neighborhood and attack Palestinian residents – sometimes to the point at which they require medical treatment.”

Complained Inbar:

“Jerusalem Police see themselves as the operating arm of the settlers in east Jerusalem, and this conduct harms the police’s credibility.”

Sarah Beninga another ultra-left activist was detained for more than 36 hours in a holding cell, she tells her story:

“I was standing next to an ultra-Orthodox family that had entered the neighborhood and the officers just jumped on me and took me to their car. I didn’t push anyone or do anything…I found myself undergoing a strip search and handing over all of my personal belongings,”

she said.

“The sheets in the holding cell were dirty, and when I asked for a blanket I got a wet one. I wasn’t treated like a human being, but like a criminal.”

She contrasted the treatment which she received to that received by the haredi Intel protestors:

“The haredim who protested at Intel torched garbage cans violently and without permits, but almost no one was arrested.”

This is what a police spokesperson had to say:

“In recent weeks leftists and anarchists have held illegal protests that disturbed the peace time and again. The protestors tried to break into Jewish homes, blocked roads, and attacked Jewish passersby and police officers…Officers arrested a few dozen protestors when they refused to respond to calls to disperse. They were brought before a court and released after indictments were filed against them. Law enforcement will continue without discrimination, and no violations will be allowed in Sheikh Jarrah or anywhere else.”