A fascinating conference was held at the impressive Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzilya. The topic was “Jewish Peoplehood circa 2110“.
Such futuristic issues were touched upon as: tensions between religious and secular populations, the reconciliation of democracy and a Jewish state and other issues about demographics.

The panel was made up of the following Jewish intellectuals:
Dr. David Passig: An occupational futurist and author of the forth-coming book “2048”. A professor at Bar-Ilan University, who describes himself as optimistic, even in the face of all the challenges which face the Jewish people today.

Dr. Noam Lemelshtrich Latar: The Dean of the School of Communications at IDC-Herzilya. Some might have perceived him to be the “resident pessimist” of the conference in his fearless readiness to challenge the assumptions of the questions put to the panel.

Leah Biteolin: An employee at the Jewish Agency for Israel; a 1984 Jewish Israeli immigrant from Ethiopia. Leah shared her personal story of returning to Zion.

Jewish Peoplehood circa 2110 – Leadel LIVE Panel from Leadel dot Net on Vimeo.