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Theatre of the Absurd: The Next Act

Well as it turned out, the “Activists” were actually “Terrorists“…

As the streets of Ankara are filled with angry protestors on the Palestinian behalf, Ehud Barak or someone in the Israeli Navy must be in serious trouble. Indeed the Jewish Country’s raid on the Turkish sponsored armada was a botched one. The injuries caused to the Israeli commandos is what there is to be regretted – and let’s recall danger foolishly caused to IDF ground troops in Lebanon when they were left flagged out in ominous positions without food or water during the 2006 attempt on the life of Hezbollah.

Now watch the Arab world dance their bellicose folk-dance for blood. Israel has become used to it. It is almost beautiful.
Expecting the truth from Turkey is alas futile. True friends of the Jewish State, they are not remotely close. Primetime television programs presented earlier this year which featured IDF soldiers raping Palestinian women is no different than the propaganda fed to Palestinian children by their own media. Such a veil over the eyes of truth will only result in more deaths.

In the meantime, we shall stay tuned for Turkish and other European Muslim demonstrators to put the Gaza naval blockade question to Egypt – as the operation is partially their’s – we shall stay tuned, though not holding our breath.

Below is a video surveillance of the scuffle – it competes for candor with another version being aired by al-Jazeera.


  1. i hardly can imagne all consequences of this episode for my country..even video does not help a lot to prove that actions of zahal was ligal

  2. Israel doesn’t have a good public relations department. It is as though they don’t know they don’t know how to explain themselves. Here…instead of peace activists, say terorists. People in Gaza have it better then ever. The mIarkets in Gaza are full of everything. All they need is money. What can we do? I’m also having problms with money
    In addition, Israel. don’t worry what pople say about you. They are nothing else but arabs living in France, England etc … And what if they are Chinease or Thailandians? Remember what recently happened in Thailand? Also how many people in the world demonstrated ifor N. Korea killing 46 navy men on a S.Korean boat?
    Irael, no need to appologize, we;re better tha them
    Stay strong. I love you.

  3. David in Boston USA

    June 23, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Israel my Friend, I hope you Torpedo the Iranian ship bound for Gaza AND BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER!!! .. Quit worrying about what the world (or Foul Satanic Filth like Obama) think and DEFEND YOURSELVES!!! .. Kick .. ALL .. the Muslim Scum out of Gaza, the West Bank and throughout Israel .. out of Israel forever! WIPE IRAN OFF THE MAP!!! MAKE IT ONE BIG SHEET OF GLASS!!! God Bless Israel Forever!!! David In Boston, Massachusetts USA.

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