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Israel Lays Down Some New Tracks

According to United Press International, an Israeli railway line in Samaria will lead on to the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Transport Minister Yisrael Katz made the plans known at a meeting early in the week with supporters of Netanyahu’s Likud Party.

The track begins in Rosh Ha’ayin, near Petach Tikvah in Israel via Ariel to Nablus in the West Bank – and then between Ramallah and Latroun in the West Bank and Israel, respectively.

There passengers could catch a connection to the main line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Another railway track will also be built between Jenin and Beersheba in Israel’s Negev desert.

Katz declared his wishes to construct train tracks between the Gaza Strip and Yad Mordechai in southern Israel, as well, where passengers may link up to the West Bank railway line or other lines in the Jewish Country.

Israel Railway, according to Haaretz, has invested more than $700,000 in the framework stages of the initial section of the line between Rosh Ha’ayin and Nablus.

The train will link the historic Valley Train to Haifa and the Jerusalem line.

The Valley Train, inaugurated in 1905, once ran from Haifa to Damascus in Syria where it linked up with the Hejaz Railway to Medina in the Arabian Peninsula.

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  1. Traffic still remains a problem in Israel like in so many other countries. But in contrast to other countries the Jewish government is still concerned about the situation and takes some measures to improve the situation. That is, Israel still has some reasons to be grateful to the government.

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