Two weeks ago, Shas Party leader Eli Yishai sent a letter to Netanyahu asking for him to push for the release of convicted Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned in the United States for the last 25 years (part of a life imprisonment handed down to the former U.S. civilian intelligence analyst in 1987).

Jonathan Pollard posterYishai wrote that, in appeasing U.S. requests to halt West Bank construction, freeing Pollard is a must; if for no other reason than the sake of justice.

Yishai also mentioned that former U.S. officials involved in Pollard’s case admit that his sentence was too severe and they too believe Pollard should be released.

Several Knesset Members joined Yishai’s plea and gave Netanyahu a letter addressed to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Netanyahu, however, had no plans of taking the letter with him to the United States.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement:

“The Prime Minister has brought up Pollard’s case several times in discussions with the U.S. government, so he does not need to do so through a letter. The proper procedure for transferring letters is to send them in an official manner to the U.S. embassy in Israel,”

Here is a letter by Justice4JP and the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, published last Sunday:

Sunday, November 14, 2010 Statement of Justice for Jonathan Pollard and The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home
Statement of Justice for Jonathan Pollard and The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home Before any deal with US, pull Pollard out of harm’s way!
J4JPnews – November 14, 2010
Justice4JP and the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home unequivocally call for the release of Jonathan Pollard as a matter of simple justice, not as part of any deal that would weaken Israel or endanger other Jews in any way. Nevertheless, it is shocking that Israel would even consider making a major gesture to the Americans at this time (such as re-implementing a building freeze) without first pulling Pollard out of harm’s way.
Israel’s continuing failure to demonstrate the most minimal responsibility for the fate of her agent is shocking particularly in light of all of the latest revelations of government malfeasance by both the US and Israel towards Pollard for the last 25 years.

If there is any American “incentive” to release Pollard as a gesture to Israel — and a matter of simple justice — it is particularly at a time when the US is negotiating with Israel for what it wants. Now is the time to secure Pollard’s release, before any gestures are considered by Israel. Our position remains, now more than ever, Pollard must be freed as a matter of simple justice — and he must be freed now.

In the video below, Netanyahu gets heckled down in New Orleans..