A gang of five Palestinians was recently caught in Kfar Netter, in central Israel, equipped with trucks, receptacles and chainsaws, chopping down the orange trees of a Jewish resident. The Arabs stole the trees to sell in Palestinian villages for firewood, as the wood emits a very agreeable smell when burned.

Boarder Guard Officers discovered that the Palestinian gang members were residing illegally in Israel and were hired by a 31-year old man named, Salah Kabaha, from the village, Zabda, in the West

Zivan Freidan, the one who spotted the trespassers said the orchard owner appeared to be in shock. He said:

“These are trees for which he cared for years and then, before he even got the chance to pick the fruit, these gang members came and tore them down with the fruit still on them…This orchard was part of our childhood and we have a lot of memories there.”

Kabaha claims he told police he signed a contract with the orchard owner allowing him to chop down the trees in exchange for a sum of NIS 40,000 ($11,300). Though, these claims have gone unrecognized by the orchard owners. The court has extended his arrest by five days.

The video below is an example of the war of terrorism waged on Jews in Israel: